I just don’t really care about Jesus

Sometimes I talk to old ladies, the friendly kind that make you tea and stuff you full with cookies until you blurt out mwoh moh cwookies pls. Usually talk is light, sometimes talk is heavier, like religion. Many happy older women turn out to be devoted Christians. I get along with these people pretty well, because unlike most millenials I do not secretly despise religion so I praise the bible without sounding condescending. But inevitably we reach a point where I distance myself ever so slightly from the devoted Christian and that is where the friendly old lady starts to praise Jesus.

“The path to the Lord is through me” Jesus said. Faithful Christians take this very serious when they ask me if I have accepted Jesus into my heart yet. I realise I do not and likely never will. So far I have avoided saying this out loud to any old lady and I hope I will be able to do so, but it is the simple truth. When I look into glazing old lady eyes I see true faith; the conviction that Jesus cares for all of us, that God sent his only son to die for our sins and that we shall all be judged fairly in the afterlife and be reunited with our loved ones in heaven. I do not share this faith. Which, coincidentally, is how religions die.

The core problem is that Jesus just doesn’t really do much for me. I read the new testament and I admire Jesus the man (even if the miracles were a bit fishy). But what teachings does Jesus provideĀ that actually help me out? I liked it when Jesus said he came not to bring peace but the sword, but it’s a line I never ever hear anyone say. Quite the opposite actually: A good Christian turns the other cheek, helps strangers, gets beaten to a pulp while feeling morally superior to the ones beating him to a pulp. So I live in an era where my people are being displaced with people from a hostile religion, where my elite hates me, where my people’s soberness has mutated into unbridled narcissism, but I guess I should just love everyone and all will be OK? It does not compute.

A religion has to be in tune with Gnon’s theology in order to thrive among the people. Jesus’ message of love was very effective when people lived in closed communities and cared for their neighbours. But modern transportation methods makes us all potential neighbours and some neighbours just don’t go together very well. Jesus telling you you should love your neighbour is in this sense not a strength but a weakness to be exploited by those who wish harm upon you. Which is exactly what is happening.

In short: Jesus had a 1800-yearish good run, but now he’s been cucked and I just don’t believe the path to the Father is through him.

3 thoughts on “I just don’t really care about Jesus

  1. Ik heb ook het nodige geschreven over godsdienst. Ik ben geen Christen, maar houd er wel van ongelovigen, zoals Christenen, met de Hel te bedreigen. Waar ik dan ook veiligheidshalve in geloof.

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