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Women in the police force

Footage of policewoman hitting Turkish youngster who taunts her while she is talking to his friend:

The youngster is a 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant, and being part of the youtube generation, is a badboy vlogger. General comments on the video are in the lines of ‘good to see that guy getting punched, he deserves it’. Sure, I can get on board with that. But I don’t really observe a Righteous Punishment from the Heavens. Quite the opposite actually. Look at the policewoman. Watch her deer-caught-in-the-headlights eyes as she turns to the camera. Watch her retreating body language as the vlogger moves in on her (and observe her male colleagues stepping in for her). She is scared. By a 19-year old with a camera. This is the Dutch police force.

Jim, take it away:

“The instinctive response of a man threatened by a dangerous enemy is to kill him. The instinctive response of a woman threatened by a dangerous enemy is to fuck him. Socialization, social pressure, and military discipline completely and spectacularly fail to overcome these natural instincts.

To expose women to danger, to make women into soldiers and firemen, is as shameful, revolting, evil, contemptible, and disgusting as for a man to dress up in women’s clothing and sell his ass on the street – and when danger actually threatens, we see men and women revert to their ancient social roles.

When a man dresses up as a woman, and attempts to do female things, he behaves as a very bad woman. All trannies under forty are whores. When a woman dresses up as a man and attempts to do male things, she behaves as a very bad man. All female soldiers and police are cowards and traitors.”

Spiritual Exhaustion

So my post on the spiritual state of West Europe hit a nerve even though it’s bad manners to give away what post gets a lot of pageviews since it reveals other posts do shitty and it is best to fake it ’till you make it but then again people tell me autism is our most powerful weapon so I figure I might as well just spew out an autistic stream of consciousness and get it out of my system anyway. Anyway.

Let’s riff on this theme of spiritual exhaustion.

Human life follows rules of nature which is to say we live within the confines of Gnon’s laws. Evolution turns out to play a major role. Now Darwin’s ideas of evolution states that the fittest shall survive. What is the fittest? For mankind the fittest mostly boiled down to the tribe that was best at smashing to pulp the skulls of other tribes. So the ability to outsmart and outsmash your enemy has been heavily selected for.

An crucial feature of this is cooperation. The story of evolution seems to me the story of endless prisoner’s dilemma simulations: to cooperate or not to cooperate, that is the question. From Gnon’s perspective there is no moral reason whatsoever to cooperate, but he does seem to favour cooperation for two main reasons:

  1. A team can accomplish things an individual could have never done alone. 10 monkeys kill 1 monkey no problem.
  2. If you are working together you are not slicing open each others throat which by itself is a net gain.

So the story of mankind’s evolution is the story of the evolution of cooperation. Not because cooperation was morally superior, just because it worked so well. So how exactly did nature instil this sense of automatic cooperation? Religion.

Religion gives a sense of identity, gives a sense of personal belonging within the larger world. I have faith, therefore I am. All societies are religious and the further you go back in time the cruder a society’s religion was. Faith is shared within the tribe, that is the entire point of it. Better to collectively sacrifice a child to the gods than to have no collective rituals at all, for lack of cohesion points to lack of cooperation and lack of cooperation leads to paranoia as to whether your neighbor plans to smash your skull in which means you might just be better of pre-emptively smashing in his skull.

So we are wired for religion, not because of some mysterious supernatural force but because being plugged into the same superorganism gives all the organisms belonging to that superorganism an evolutionary edge. This is why, when viewed from a skyscraper, people function like ant colonies, why people in groups so easily tune into a collective consciousness. Ask anyone who has performed for a large group. Our brains are wired for collective experiences of faith. This is why Moldbug’s cladistic ordering of strands of Christianity makes so much sense: religions evolve in similar patterns to, say, Darwin’s finches.

The problem of course is that evolutionary faith works retroactively: first comes the evolutionary pressure, second comes the religious adaptation. From historical example it seems that a good adaptation (e.g. the teachings of an excellent prophet) may guide a superorganism for several hundred years before the evolutionary pressures have changed in such a way that the prophet’s teachings  have grown obsolete, or worse, counterproductive. For instance, Jesus’ teachings of universal love made the Anglo-Saxon unconditionally altruistic, but modernity’s cheap transport and prog-sponsored mass immigration makes unconditional altruism suicidal. 

Which leads to another important point: modern superorganisms are messy. Like, incredibly messy. Your average modern citizen has to deal with co-workers, family, friends, strangers, fellow countrymen, foreigners, people on tv and the entire internet! Dunbar’s number, fukdat’s number. The fact that a country like the Netherlands or the US even has a functioning sense of identity is testament to the immense strength of our religious wiring. But our faith is strained and sick.

I am cautious with statements such as that last one because it is easy to idealise the past which we do not really know. Perhaps faith has always been strained and sick and is it really just the way things work. But I do not believe that. Sometimes I read old books and I read a sense of serenity and belonging that modernity just lacks.

Socrates said that beauty is an object fulfilling its function. I maintain that the function of religion within a superorganism is to elevate its participating humans to a higher level of functioning, e.g. make it so that total level of functioning is higher than the sum of its individual components. Or, in simpler terms: that attending church adds to the quality of your life. Seems to me that modernity has turned religion into its bitch. Attending the cathedral clearly lowers the quality of your life. But to stop attending the cathedral is to stop cooperating with the grandest superorganism in the history of mankind: the Grand Empire of the West. All our religious instincts tell us abandoning such a powerful superorganism is a very dangerous idea.

This is why Trump, besides being an ironclad leader, is also a timely prophet: he gives the average American permission to dump the worst strands of leftist religion. This is also why West Europe finds itself in deep shit: we have codified leftist religion deeply in our written laws specifically to prevent counter-prophets like Trump from rising to power. We take our ‘checks and balances’ very serious. So we have invested too much skin in the game to come to our senses, at least not until things deteriorate to the arbitrary point where your average West European no longer dares to travel by public transport (or to travel at all).


Being a good storyteller is all about timing.

When Erin posted her story about racism she was scared she would alienate people. That people might not understand where she, a Southern privileged white woman, came from. But in the end her conscious weighed too heavy on her mind and she had no choice but to share her story.

And share she did.

She shared with us the many ways in which racism is still very much alive. How America’s first black first lady was insulted for her colour of skin. How people online made racist jokes like it was the most normal thing in the world and how this his sickened her on a personal level. She told us how blacks are still to this day rejected as ‘the other’, as people who we do want sitting at our table. Worse still, blacks are in fact admonished when they disrupt ceremony to speak out against injustice, as if attacking the status quo could even be done in a peaceful manner. Erin rightly pointed out that nobody seems to remember Martin Luther King was arrested 13 times for peacefully protesting.

After weaving a rich tapestry of observations she concludes from them that although it might seem strange, it is not the white supremacist who does the greatest damage to the black people’s freedom. No, like Martin Luther King said, it is the white moderate who through his daily naiveté and ingrained privilege continues to uphold the status quo that keeps the Negro down. Erin so ends her story with a spine chilling conclusion: racism lurks in all of us.

No wonder she was scared to tell her story.

It can only be attributed to the miraculous awakening of white consciousness that Erin’s story was received with so much love: more than 10.000 shares on facebook, over 350 likes from bloggers such as yours truly and almost 400 comments, most of them a variation of ‘Thank you! I wish I wrote this!’

This story, at least, has a happy ending.


  1. I’ve finished writing my first short story, started writing the second one. They’re about Trump. All I’ll say for now is that one is for men, the other is for women. Stories are in Dutch, unfortunately for you American readers! But hey, at least AlfaNL will always be free. Likely I will cut Old Truth’s umbilical cord once I publish the first story.
  2. I’ve wrote some stuff at Old Truth. My best so far is Rutte’s Open Letter, where I rip apart Cuckservative prime minister Rutte’s open letter, who literally pleads the people not to vote Wilders because Rutte will have a strong word with these trouble-causing foreigners. It’s ridiculous. I want to share this in Dutch alt-right circles, but so far I have not really found them. But we’ll see.
  3. The left communicates through image. Image is everything. This is why showmen like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are so important: they convey the most current leftism. Their genius is that they push new leftist lies as if they are the most normal and accepted thing in the world. The Dutch version of Colbert has recently gotten the video below to go viral. This is leftist communication. It tells:
    a) Dutch leftists how to think of Trump
    b) International leftists how Dutch leftists think of Trump
    So it is not harmless entertainment. It is the way leftist follow political fashion. (from 0:38 onwards)

The Gears of War are starting to turn

War, most dissident Brahmins agree, is upon us. The peaceful path is prolonged suicide by demographical replacement. The current system offers no solution. America may have found temporary hope in president Donald Trump, but such hope seems faraway for West Europe, whose constitutions firmly assert a system of checks and balances, the intent of which was to make sure those in power don’t abuse their power, the practice of which means no one is allowed to rule. Chronic kinglessness is written into the constitution: no one in is in command of our airplane and no one is allowed to be in command of this airplane even if it is crashing at faster speeds everyday, as we see happening now. The cockpit is empty, save for a bunch of conspiracies that exert power for selfish short-term reasons. Such is the current nature of West European state policy.

When democracy started out in the Netherlands there were only a few parties, all proudly founded on ideological principles. But as time went on these parties discovered the cruel capriciousness of the voter and how solely dependent their power was on this voter base that kept changing its mind. New parties popped up like mushrooms, old parties splintered. No one could hold on to anything. Today there are more parties than you can wag a stick at. And all the old parties have shrunk to a fraction of their old size.

Politicians nowadays publicly whore themselves out for votes. They have no vision, are not allowed a vision except for that eternal catchphrase looping in their head: ‘what will my voter base think of this?’ In fact their voter base couldn’t care less about 99% of what you do, but politicians will always act as if because they never know which 1% will be judged.

After more than 100 years of democratic experiments we have learned with great surprise: voters vote selfishly. The politician’s actual capability is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the amount of FeelGood the voter associates with a politician and his party. This is why in Holland the most successful parties are those that give away free stuff, also called other people’s stuff. If too much free stuff is being given away in too little time we vote on parties that slow down the rate at which more free stuff is given away and we pat ourselves on the back for our prudence.

Problem is you eventually run out of free stuff to give away. The industrial revolution has given us lots of free stuff to give away, but eventually we will still run out. Even worse: the belief that we could give away free stuff for ever is equivalent to a perpetuum mobile scam or, more down to earth, to a pyramid scam, which is why our entire political system has been selecting for scammers, salesmen that promise you to get rid of your bald spot for only 12 monthly instalments of $99,99. See for instance how politicians discovered that the problem of an inconsistent voter base can be solved easily by importing a new voter base from a foreign country. It might be rough if that populace takes with them a religion that demands the beheading of infidels, but that is exactly the kind of long-term problem politicians have learned to ignore: we need to take votes away from our opposition now!

Of course when we point out that the whole thing is a scam the politicians will point to our constitution and indignantly cry that they are acting fully within its spirit! This is true and part of the reason why we are in such deep shit. There is no constitutional solution to our problem. Our constitutions have specifically been designed to ensure chronic kinglessness. West Europe has painted itself in a corner it can not get out of peacefully.

In the United States, the people are gearing up for war. Mind you, we are still far from a full-blown civil war and I have faith that Trump will squelch violent uprisings while president. But the fire is rising all right.

In West Europe, the people are spiritually depleted. The revolution against God has spiralled further and further out of control and now we have reached the point where everyone is holier than Jesus, smarter than Nietzsche and better than God. We do not listen to our friends or to our family members because we all believe that The Holy Me, the individual, knows best, which is a frame our material decadence allows us to uphold our entire life. We say we listen to one another but we simply don’t. Reality has ceased to pull at our feet and consequently we cease to listen to anything that does not flatter our ego. Hence the tendency to listen more intently to the media than your own family: your family might offend your ego, but media will always try to make you feel good about yourself. West Europe has in effect become an echo chamber of egotistic pretentious narcissistic crap.

Honestly I do not see a solution. Ideally we’d have white men rioting. Now that would be a sight. But things will have to deteriorate to much worse before such a thing will happen. Which means we have to grit our teeth and play the waiting game. Perhaps a black swan event will take place. Likely any outcome will be bad. I keep thinking of David Hines’ description of war: Godzilla stamping through your town, arbitrarily killing a few people each day. We are far from that point, but on the current path such an outcome is inevitable.

‘0% chance we shall work with Wilders’ says leader of Dutch Republicans

After we discussed the bloating bastion of cuck that is the Dutch mainstream right, right on cue the leader of the mainstream right, Mark Rutte, issued a statement that his party will never work together with Wilders’ party. Rutte’s reason? He indignantly stated that Wilders has been too disrespectful towards the independence of Dutch judges. Which is pretty much like Mitt Romney saying his party will not cooperate with Trump because Trump has been too disrespectful towards the independence of the American media. Wilders has been convicted in a sham trial by sham judges who ruled that immigration is not an important public issue and consequently branded Wilders as an evil racist. Wilders has every right to distrust the Dutch judicial system.

The problem of course is that Wilders needs the cuckservatives to rule. As previously discussed the ruling government coalition needs at least 76 out of 150 seats to rule. Wilders’ party right now is the biggest in the polls – a whopping 34 seats according to the Netherlands’ most trusted pollster, Maurice de Hond. Now Maurice has a recent history of explaining away the strange Brexit and Trump polls as ‘statistical variance’ so it is probably good to take his polls with a grain of salt, but even the best case scenario will have Wilders at maybe 45 seats. Still a minority.

It seems the cathedral is uniting against its common enemy, closed-borders-Wilders, by having all parties publicly exclude Wilders as a possible coalition partner even if he ends up the biggest party. Looks to me that the young likeable Jesse Klaver of leftist party Groenlinks is being pushed as the anti-Wilders Schelling point.

But the cathedral parties are very splintered so I can not imagine them forming an effective coalition.

Here’s Maurice’s latest poll, see if you can form a working coalition! Remember, you need at least 76 seats!

PVV (Wilders’ worse than Hitler party) – 34
VVD (Rutte’s cuckservatives) – 24
Groenlinks (literally Green Left) – 16
CDA (leftist cucked Christians) – 16
D66 (leftist student party) – 14
SP (socialist party) – 11
50+ party (literally a party for old people) – 10
PvdA (leftist workers party) – 10
CU (slightly less cucked Christians) – 5
PvdD (the party for the animals, yes this is an actual party) – 4
SGP (hardcore protestants) – 3

Which leaves 3 leftover seats, likely Denk (pro-Turkish party) will claim a few of those or possibly VNL which is a direct rip-off of the American alt-light.

Interesting times ahead, and I mean that in the most Chinese way possible.

The Dutch right are leftist libertarians

A few weeks ago I had a realisation and I think it is worth to share.

In Holland the mainstream right, the VVD (the Dutch Republicans you might say), call themselves ‘de liberalen’, aka the liberals. This is confusing because in the United States the liberals are left-wing. What gives?

Traditionally I have always been told that the different interpretation of Dutch liberals and American liberals is proof that words truly have different meanings everywhere and that you just can’t compare one system with the other. In other words, I was told typical leftist boilerplate.

What seems closer to the truth is that both types of liberalism descended from the French revolution. Napoleon was defeated, but the meme of rational freedom was still alive and it was the liberals who employed it to end Dutch monarchy (Thorbecke was a liberal). So you’d say the liberals were most definitely leftist but that’s not how things worked out. See, the liberals had competition from the Marxist inspired socialists. Spandrell’s GT module (or may I promote my superorganism post?) tells us that people seek status relative to others, thus Dutch liberals defined themselves in opposition to the even more leftist socialist parties. Which left liberals in the strange spot in which public opinion calls them rightist whereas in truth they were just less left.

The VVD believes in liberal values such as gender equality, the suppression of Christianity and racial equality, but at the same time they are the right-wing alternative to what they call leftist nonsense. This is why they also attract more K-selected people, who still adapt to the GT-module but instead stress individual freedom, freedom of enterprise and freedom of markets — libertarians. This is why the VVD oftentimes has such a schizophrenic policy.

The problem with libertarianism is of course that it is evil. It is right-ish men throwing their hands up saying: ‘it is not me you’re after, you must believe me, I am not worse than Hitler!’ and as a consequence allow horrific things to happen under their watch. But libertarianism has always been slightly more niche. The other, liberal side of the party is more mainstream but also more actively involved with the globalists in flooding the Netherlands with refugees (see Holland’s current VVD prime minister). So the Dutch VVD voter has 2 shades of choice: Rutte’s liberal leftism or Bolkestein’s libertarian leftism. Let us pray voters don’t fall for this nonsense any longer.

Twitter cuts (#666)

Little girls are powerful indeed but you need a village or so of them to maximise their power-level, which is probably why Hillary has taken a number of villages.


RSD’s purple pill, one last time.

So I used to be in an inner circle. The kind that RSD, the biggest company in the PUA industry promoted. RSD is still standing, my old inner circle not so much. RSD, for those single men interested, offers neatly packed purple pills for mass consumption. Roosh, Heartiste and Rollo Tomassi offer much better information but in all honesty they just don’t deliver the slicked neatness of RSD. I mean, RSD is scamming you, sure, but it’s a scam they’ve worked very hard on (as they are apt to repeat in every seminar). There were guys in our circle who paid up to €2000,- for a weekend bootcamp by 1 RSD guy with slightly above average game. 2000 euros!

Now I am not saying that these guys didn’t throw away their money because they did. But I am saying that there is no need to feel bad about yourself if you’ve paid thousands of dollars to self-proclaimed success coaches. Quite the contrary: congratulations, you’ve been scammed by the best.

See, most people are too scared to act out their passions. Fear is an activity blocker for people, an inertia mechanism designed to avoid unnecessary risks. You, however, acted beyond your fears even with polite society telling you your masculine urges are toxic and evil. Which tells me I can trust you because you have put skin in the game concerning your own masculinity.

Unfortunately trusting RSD does not translate into banging a bunch of hot chicks, because RSD scams (it turns out society is not the only one socially conditioning you). The problem with a good scam is that you can rarely convince people who are in the process of being scammed that they are being scammed. A scam requires 2 to dance. It is only in hindsight, after people have spent thousands of dollars and find themselves in the exactly the same spot they were in before that they are amenable to your insight. People search for explanations fitting their personal situation, not the other way around.

But if by lucky coincidence you find yourself amenable to my insight, let me offer you the following. Let’s say I know the secret to life. I easily seduce and bang hot girls. I have successful business rolling. I’m in perfect physical shape and I have a social circle that includes playing golf with Trump and wrestling bears with Putin. If all this were true, would I spend all my time cataloging my secrets for the public? For money?? Why would I? Perhaps it would interest me for a year or so as a side-project, but surely it’d bore me in the end. Only insecure men talk hours-on-end about the secrets of success. Secure men simply have more interesting thing to do. Now remind me how long Tyler has been doing what he has been doing. 15 years or so?

No doubt Scott Adams would do a better job de-hypnotising RSD-fanboys, but this will have to do. For those wanting me to simply piss on RSD:
– A man is only content when he owns a girl, e.g. when she belongs to him, bears his children and is not fucked by any other men (h/t Jim). RSD instructors do not own any girl, therefore are unhappy men and unqualified to help other men.
– RSD promotes girls’ promiscuity because they bang a lot of sluts. Chaste girls are high value but RSD claims they are equal in value to sluts in order to preserve crappy self-image.

The answer to a good scam is rarely to deconstruct the scam itself because it takes 2 to dance. Little effect in throwing yourself into the dance as third wheel. Better to let the scammer hang himself by his own noose. I have no doubt that Tyler generally is very sincere about his beliefs, e.g. he believes his own bullshit. Sure. Let him have it. Let him face the consequences of believing his own bullshit. That is all.

I just don’t really care about Jesus

Sometimes I talk to old ladies, the friendly kind that make you tea and stuff you full with cookies until you blurt out mwoh moh cwookies pls. Usually talk is light, sometimes talk is heavier, like religion. Many happy older women turn out to be devoted Christians. I get along with these people pretty well, because unlike most millenials I do not secretly despise religion so I praise the bible without sounding condescending. But inevitably we reach a point where I distance myself ever so slightly from the devoted Christian and that is where the friendly old lady starts to praise Jesus.

“The path to the Lord is through me” Jesus said. Faithful Christians take this very serious when they ask me if I have accepted Jesus into my heart yet. I realise I do not and likely never will. So far I have avoided saying this out loud to any old lady and I hope I will be able to do so, but it is the simple truth. When I look into glazing old lady eyes I see true faith; the conviction that Jesus cares for all of us, that God sent his only son to die for our sins and that we shall all be judged fairly in the afterlife and be reunited with our loved ones in heaven. I do not share this faith. Which, coincidentally, is how religions die.

The core problem is that Jesus just doesn’t really do much for me. I read the new testament and I admire Jesus the man (even if the miracles were a bit fishy). But what teachings does Jesus provide that actually help me out? I liked it when Jesus said he came not to bring peace but the sword, but it’s a line I never ever hear anyone say. Quite the opposite actually: A good Christian turns the other cheek, helps strangers, gets beaten to a pulp while feeling morally superior to the ones beating him to a pulp. So I live in an era where my people are being displaced with people from a hostile religion, where my elite hates me, where my people’s soberness has mutated into unbridled narcissism, but I guess I should just love everyone and all will be OK? It does not compute.

A religion has to be in tune with Gnon’s theology in order to thrive among the people. Jesus’ message of love was very effective when people lived in closed communities and cared for their neighbours. But modern transportation methods makes us all potential neighbours and some neighbours just don’t go together very well. Jesus telling you you should love your neighbour is in this sense not a strength but a weakness to be exploited by those who wish harm upon you. Which is exactly what is happening.

In short: Jesus had a 1800-yearish good run, but now he’s been cucked and I just don’t believe the path to the Father is through him.