Bill Maher’s dangerous tears

If we have learned one thing in the past years it is that rightists were breath-takingly naive on leftists. ‘Leftists are just misguided, they are good at heart!’ is what conservatives decry while civilisation around them crumbles further and further. Perhaps sixpack Joe leftists are good-intentioned people, but hardcore leftists know what they’re doing, have always known what they were doing. Similar to how the Allies hoped that Hitler would back off after they gave him Austria, rightists keep conceding ground to leftists hoping that they will back off. They won’t. Leftists can’t stop taking ground, because when 1 sixpack Joe leftist stops and starts thinking, 10 hardcore leftists will cry racist and cast out the traitor.

So a leftist will keep his mouth shut even when his eyes show him the absurdity of the situation. Similarly the most successful leftists are those who simply lack the ability for even the most basic sense of self-reflection. These hardcore leftists are not misguided, they are not good at heart. They are human machines programmed by Gnon to thrive on lies and chaos. These people know exactly what they are doing and in fact that is the exact reason why they are so successful. John Oliver fits this bill. Stephen Colbert fits this bill.  Bill Maher fits this bill.

Bill Maher lies through his teeth at every step. He lies about Trump’s twitter being taken away, he lies about how Trump appoints his cabinet purely in order to ‘fuck with us’ (classic leftist narcissism tell) and he lies about how Russia got Trump elected. “It is so beyond politics” he claims. No Bill Maher, this is exactly what politics is and what it’s always been. You’re a liar, that is all.

Still beneath the lies there is genuine communication. Bill Maher is scared. He is communicating that fear to other leftists: we used to be firmly in control, but Trump explicitly fights our controlDanger, danger! Rightists would be good to note his tone and remember it. This is the tone of war. An unavoidable war, because leftists like Maher simply lack the ability to back down.

In the long term leftists will lose as surely as the sun rises. They will be backstabbed by muslims, backstabbed by blacks and frontstabbed by rightists. Their cowardly nature makes it so that they fold in an outright confrontation. But in the short term leftists are still in power both in Europe and in the States (even when Trump presides over the temporary government, the permanent government is leftist). So… Watch your step. Don’t be naive.

To end on a positive note: notice how Maher describes Trump at 5:35. “What matters is his instinct to always retaliate to those who oppose you.” Maher means to insult Trump but his tone betrays subconscious respect. Leftists are like women.

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