Reflections on 2016

2016 has been an exciting year.

There is online life and there is offline life. For me offline life has mainly been a year of  clashing with cathedralites in all aspects of life. I wish I could have avoided some of that conflict, but I also wished I had started some of that conflict earlier instead of letting it simmer. Cut out the weakest links, start clean. Now that the year draws to an end the worst of my clashes also seemingly come to an end. I look forward to 2017 as a year of building and preparation for when the shit hits the fan.

Online 2016 has been a great year. Lemme pull a Cernovich and share some positive AlfaNL statistics.

  1. Views and Visitors


Clearly 2016 was much better than the previous 2 years. This in part is me writing better content, but it is also very much thanks to:

2. Referrers


Nick B Steves alone is responsible for ~20% of my blog’s traffic. Thanks Nick! Also thanks to Free Northerner, Brett Stevens and even Nick Land. Apparently a reaguurder linked to this piece of mine which I already hate (too spiteful, needs more Jim) which pushes GeenStijl into my referrer top 10.

3. Reader countries


No big surprises there. The US leads, but the Netherlands in a very decent 2nd spot. Good to see Belgium in there. Kind of surprised to see Singapore.

4. Most popular articles


Finally, what articles did best? Pizzagate did best, but I am not sure whether the clickable memes I added artificially boosted the amount of views. Personal posts on ReactionaryFuture, John Oliver and Spandrell did well. Leftism did well. And my Dutch post on the alt-right did well.

In conclusion; great success. Here’s to an even better 2017.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on 2016

  1. I’d like to think the highest quality 20%… 😉

    Free Northerner and Xenosystems are powerful referrers. They helped me when I was a wee little blogger.

    Keep up the great work, Alf!

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