Miscegenation and cultural degeneracy

Watching Love Actually made me mull over the degenerate trash we are fed and expected to enjoy. It is crap. Worse, it is brainwashing anti-white propaganda crap. Is this the culture of my people? *Turns on tv, watches banking commercial of black man marrying white woman.* Yes apparently it is.

I get nazis when they drone on about white genocide and securing a homeland for white people. They see this shit and they get angry. It gets to me too. But not so much and less every day.

The thing about miscegenation and degeneracy is that culture is downwards from power. The masses consume a watered-down version of what the elite deems high-status. Our elite deems blacks to be magical and white males to be evil and they have deemed it so for quite a while. The newest Star Wars might seem like a steaming piece of Sith, but it is in fact a well-meant interpretation of progressive scripture. There is no deliberate conspiracy to brainwash young people, it is simply the evil of the elite remade for mass consumption. You might hate it but that’s because you’re a statistical outlier reading my blog. People’s sense of status is usually stronger than their sense of evil. After all, people willingly pay to see the new Star Wars movie.

The good thing about power above culture is that cultural degeneracy reverses come the restoration. The bad news is that I don’t see the restoration happening within our lifetime. But there is more good news: we can tune out a lot of the current cultural degeneracy. We have not yet reached the stage where our Orwellian masters strap us to our chairs, make us watch their filth and make us publicly declare how much we love it. Even though it often seems that way (suicides are rising). Just step away. Boycott people who hate you and start anew. It’s never too late.

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