Pizzagate, for believers

One morning Alefantis sits behind his laptop, coffee in hand. Notices views are up on his instagram account. Gets strange messages with links to websites that accuse him of running cover for pedophilia rings. He clicks through and sees sensitive pictures posted by angry people. It’s all over the place. Adrenaline kicks in. Calls with Podesta. He already knows. Sense of panic sets in. Heated phone calls follow. A scramble. Delete sensitive information on the internet. Empty out basements. Consider filling up tunnels with concrete. Shut down regular trafficking activity for the moment.

Next step, reputation. Change logos, neutralise coded language. Activate media defence shield, inform journalists that right-wing conspiracy nuts are targeting friendly small-business owner. Give a failed actor money and a gun to shoot up the place, report as ‘psychotic conspiracist assaults pizza place.’

Evaluate for weaknesses. What are the loose ends? There is this one woman in Haiti who is quite persistently snooping around. No time for mr nice guys, can’t take the risk. Make it look like a suicide.

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