Leftism destroys families

Theoretically leftist conspiracies could go on gaslighting naive rightists for eternity but in practice this never happens. In practice leftism always collapses.

So a lot comes down to loyalty versus defection. Do I defect on Richard Spencer or do I defect on leftist pressure to defect on Spencer? Asking me if I am loyal to Spencer really is reframing the question in such a way that Spencer is the Führer of the Alt-Right whereas in reality he is just one of the players and in fact he is a player I know very little of. Perhaps a reason leftism is so amazingly successful is that they instinctively know very well that a little bit of loyalty or lack of defection in the right places goes a long way.

But leftist loyalty is a fickle thing. It is centred around a common lie, based on defection against truth. Well what truth? you ask. One answer is: the truth of natural law in families. Natural law follows natural hierarchies — the hierarchies of families. The father relative to the son, the husband relative to the wife, the elder brother relative to the younger brother, the grandfather relative to the grandchild… All these relations have a natural feel to them, a genetic behavioural code imprinted in our DNA that tells us the significance of these relations and our role in them. Leftism subverts this hierarchy for the purpose of attaining power over family members. The leftist sees his father and says to himself: silly old man, your morals are hopelessly backwards. Clearly I am more pious and deserving of respect. Of course by acting in such manner he sets a precedent for his own sons who see their father and think to themselves: Father you tried your best but clearly you were but a product of your time. We are the new generation and our morality is clearly superior and more deserving of respect. 

Competition with family members for status points is a very natural thing to do. However by doing so in leftist manner one essentially conspires with society against one’s own family. Moral superiority is attained arbitrarily by glancing at the cathedral and copying its Current Opinion. Of course being cathedral opinions they inevitably destroy a family in the long run. But in the short run they grant you status points in the eyes of society. No family member listens to the other except if they believe they can use that information for extra status points. The bible had instructions concerning the natural order of families, but if men decide they no longer need to take such instructions serious then no attention is paid to the natural order. It is a sad state of affairs.

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