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Bill Maher’s dangerous tears

If we have learned one thing in the past years it is that rightists were breath-takingly naive on leftists. ‘Leftists are just misguided, they are good at heart!’ is what conservatives decry while civilisation around them crumbles further and further. Perhaps sixpack Joe leftists are good-intentioned people, but hardcore leftists know what they’re doing, have always known what they were doing. Similar to how the Allies hoped that Hitler would back off after they gave him Austria, rightists keep conceding ground to leftists hoping that they will back off. They won’t. Leftists can’t stop taking ground, because when 1 sixpack Joe leftist stops and starts thinking, 10 hardcore leftists will cry racist and cast out the traitor.

So a leftist will keep his mouth shut even when his eyes show him the absurdity of the situation. Similarly the most successful leftists are those who simply lack the ability for even the most basic sense of self-reflection. These hardcore leftists are not misguided, they are not good at heart. They are human machines programmed by Gnon to thrive on lies and chaos. These people know exactly what they are doing and in fact that is the exact reason why they are so successful. John Oliver fits this bill. Stephen Colbert fits this bill.  Bill Maher fits this bill.

Bill Maher lies through his teeth at every step. He lies about Trump’s twitter being taken away, he lies about how Trump appoints his cabinet purely in order to ‘fuck with us’ (classic leftist narcissism tell) and he lies about how Russia got Trump elected. “It is so beyond politics” he claims. No Bill Maher, this is exactly what politics is and what it’s always been. You’re a liar, that is all.

Still beneath the lies there is genuine communication. Bill Maher is scared. He is communicating that fear to other leftists: we used to be firmly in control, but Trump explicitly fights our controlDanger, danger! Rightists would be good to note his tone and remember it. This is the tone of war. An unavoidable war, because leftists like Maher simply lack the ability to back down.

In the long term leftists will lose as surely as the sun rises. They will be backstabbed by muslims, backstabbed by blacks and frontstabbed by rightists. Their cowardly nature makes it so that they fold in an outright confrontation. But in the short term leftists are still in power both in Europe and in the States (even when Trump presides over the temporary government, the permanent government is leftist). So… Watch your step. Don’t be naive.

To end on a positive note: notice how Maher describes Trump at 5:35. “What matters is his instinct to always retaliate to those who oppose you.” Maher means to insult Trump but his tone betrays subconscious respect. Leftists are like women.

Reflections on 2016

2016 has been an exciting year.

There is online life and there is offline life. For me offline life has mainly been a year of  clashing with cathedralites in all aspects of life. I wish I could have avoided some of that conflict, but I also wished I had started some of that conflict earlier instead of letting it simmer. Cut out the weakest links, start clean. Now that the year draws to an end the worst of my clashes also seemingly come to an end. I look forward to 2017 as a year of building and preparation for when the shit hits the fan.

Online 2016 has been a great year. Lemme pull a Cernovich and share some positive AlfaNL statistics.

  1. Views and Visitors


Clearly 2016 was much better than the previous 2 years. This in part is me writing better content, but it is also very much thanks to:

2. Referrers


Nick B Steves alone is responsible for ~20% of my blog’s traffic. Thanks Nick! Also thanks to Free Northerner, Brett Stevens and even Nick Land. Apparently a reaguurder linked to this piece of mine which I already hate (too spiteful, needs more Jim) which pushes GeenStijl into my referrer top 10.

3. Reader countries


No big surprises there. The US leads, but the Netherlands in a very decent 2nd spot. Good to see Belgium in there. Kind of surprised to see Singapore.

4. Most popular articles


Finally, what articles did best? Pizzagate did best, but I am not sure whether the clickable memes I added artificially boosted the amount of views. Personal posts on ReactionaryFuture, John Oliver and Spandrell did well. Leftism did well. And my Dutch post on the alt-right did well.

In conclusion; great success. Here’s to an even better 2017.


Miscegenation and cultural degeneracy

Watching Love Actually made me mull over the degenerate trash we are fed and expected to enjoy. It is crap. Worse, it is brainwashing anti-white propaganda crap. Is this the culture of my people? *Turns on tv, watches banking commercial of black man marrying white woman.* Yes apparently it is.

I get nazis when they drone on about white genocide and securing a homeland for white people. They see this shit and they get angry. It gets to me too. But not so much and less every day.

The thing about miscegenation and degeneracy is that culture is downwards from power. The masses consume a watered-down version of what the elite deems high-status. Our elite deems blacks to be magical and white males to be evil and they have deemed it so for quite a while. The newest Star Wars might seem like a steaming piece of Sith, but it is in fact a well-meant interpretation of progressive scripture. There is no deliberate conspiracy to brainwash young people, it is simply the evil of the elite remade for mass consumption. You might hate it but that’s because you’re a statistical outlier reading my blog. People’s sense of status is usually stronger than their sense of evil. After all, people willingly pay to see the new Star Wars movie.

The good thing about power above culture is that cultural degeneracy reverses come the restoration. The bad news is that I don’t see the restoration happening within our lifetime. But there is more good news: we can tune out a lot of the current cultural degeneracy. We have not yet reached the stage where our Orwellian masters strap us to our chairs, make us watch their filth and make us publicly declare how much we love it. Even though it often seems that way (suicides are rising). Just step away. Boycott people who hate you and start anew. It’s never too late.

Merry Christmas, for what it’s worth

I’m really not a miser when christmas is concerned, I promise. Christmas is fun and jolly and a great time of the year to spend with your family. Evolutionary speaking festivities at the start of winter make sense. Winter is cold and nasty and humans, like all animals,  prepare for it in advance. But humans have learned how to nail winter preparations so effectively that when the icy winds hit we are curled up in front of a crispy fireside drinking hot coco while the stereo plays uplifting songs. Simpler animals fear Father Winter, but us humans have little to fear. This is quite deservingly worth of celebration.

But while the underlying principle of successful winter preparation stays the same, the cultural significance of Christmas has changed. Mainly expressed through religion. Used to be pagan celebrations, now it’s birth of baby Jesus. Except it really isn’t anymore. No one cares about Jesus. People complain it’s all about materialistic stuff but I never find that to be true (except the material necessities for surviving winter which have always been a prerequisite for successful christmas celebrations). No, modernist christmas is all about about our current feelgood religion: progressivism. Christmas tagline: While you are opening presents around the christmas tree, millions of refugee children are starving! Let’s care for them. But people don’t really care about refugees, they care about status signalling. Thus while Christmas as always brings out the happy spiritual feelings in everyone, spirituality is screwed, ergo the image of Christmas as imagining all the people living life in peace is as narcissistic and empty as John Lennon was.

So I guess that puts me in Spandrell’s camp. To fix Christmas we need a new religion. I am not too sure about this Jordan Peterson guy, he uses too much psychological scripture for my taste but perhaps that is a post for a different time. At any rate, merry christmas everyone, may you spend the days in good health and with people you love.

Love Actually is a really crappy movie

Yesterday my girlfriend convinced me to watch Love Actually. I started watching with an open mind, expecting it to be a mediocre yet marginally entertaining movie. I was quite dissapointed, for the movie is a horrible piece of crap. Let me count the ways.

  1. All the romantic plotline men are bumbling idiots. Literally all the men, up to Hugh Grant being the ‘oh my gosh I’m so silly’ minister-president of Great Britain.
  2. All the male best friendships were a black guy and a white guy, portrayed like they are the most normal thing in the world. They are not – black/white best friends are non-existent.
  3. The scene where Hugh Grant white knights against the entire United States because the American president whispered naughty stuff into his secretary’s ear is next-level cringe.
  4. The scene where the black guy watches tv in his christmas sweater with his arms wrapped around his wife Keira Knightly just doesn’t happen in real life, unless Keira hides her bruises exceedingly well.
  5. Liam Neeson’s stepchild drums for weeks on end and Liam supposedly takes it all because he has such a big heart. In the end of the movie he takes in another stepchild from another mother and supposedly it is love all around. Cucked Actually.
  6. The part where the muscular model hunk makes love to the aging lady about to hit the wall and tells her she is beautiful was just ridiculous.

I could go on but honestly I tuned out halfway. I think the thing that bothered me most was the completely feminized way the movie portrayed the world, like the world is a giant sandbox in which women just happily stumble through life meeting sexy men and in which men serve only to accomodate women’s needs. “It does not matter if you have no clue of how reality works, things will work out for you <3” is what the movie says. Well unless you are a married white man like Alan Rickman and you flirt with a woman outside your marriage: then you are simply evil and deserve to be hated by your family.

Dutch political history 202: from conservative to libertarian

Last time we ended in 1815 with the creation of the united kingdom of the Netherlands with at its head our very first Dutch king: Willem I. Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland all united together in one strong empire! On paper it sounded so nice. In practice it lasted a measly 15 years.

The main problem was that the Belgians did not like their forced annexation. Who did this Dutch ‘king’ think he was? They dismissed him as the king with the wooden crown and grumbled under their new constitution. A nationalistic play in Brussels called Hamilton The Mute Girl of Portici was enough to get people to riot in the streets and thus began the Belgian revolution. This pissed off ambitious king Willem to no end and he threw all his money and soldiers at the southerners. To no avail. In 1840 the treasure chest was empty, Belgium seceded and King Willem I abdicated his throne in shame.

Next in line to be king was Willem I’s son, Willem II (great creativity, much wow). King Willem II was mostly scared – his father failed as a king and in Europe progressive revolutions were brewing. Initially Willem II resisted pressure to reform the constitution, but in 1948 1848 he famously changed his mind, quipping that he had turned overnight from a conservative into a libertarian.  Thus the constitution was rewritten by progressive Johan Thorbecke and from that year on a democratically elected parliament held executive power. The king now answered to parliament instead of the other way around.

Willem II – Intelligent but not so much character

It is worth mentioning that the next king in line, Willem III (heh) very much hated the changes made by Thorbecke and his father. He tried to distance himself from becoming king, but accepted the position anyway and was king until the end of the 19th century. The Dutch monarchy ever since has been mostly ceremonial with lots of hand-waving and ribbon-cutting. There has been one serious attempt in 1918 to end the kingshouse when socialist Troelstra thought the communist revolution had spread to the Netherlands, but it turned out the sitting queen was too popular. Our current king is Willem-Alexander, whose image I can only describe as ‘friendly guy you’d drink a couple of beers with.’

Willem-Alexander: Bland.

So our attention now turns to the parliament which came to hold all the power. Parliament is split up into two ‘chambers’, the 1st and the 2nd chamber. The 1st chamber’s function is essentially to check the technicalities of the laws made in the 2nd chamber, so really the 2nd chamber is where all the action happens.

The 2nd chamber has 150 seats to divide by popular vote: if your party gets 20% of the popular vote then your party gets to occupy 30 seats in the 2nd chamber. The seats are quite literal: parliament has a big conference room in The Hague which houses 150 much coveted blue seats. Once the 150 seats are divided among the parties a ruling coalition is formed. In order for the coalition to be legit it needs at least half the seats + 1 to rule, ergo 76 seats. Since very few parties have more than 30 seats a ruling coalition will always include at least 2, often more parties. As you might imagine forming a coalition is an arduous process with nights and nights of negotiations between parties. Hence we refer to Dutch politics as the ‘poldermodel’, a model in which everyone has to reach consensus.

150 seats in the 2nd chamber. Debates are always open for the public (see top right balcony)

The ruling coalition gets to -officially- rule the 11 ministries that form the government. We have the following ministries:

1. Ministry of General Affairs
The smallest ministry, headed by the minister-president. MP is by tradition the head of the biggest party.

2. Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of cathedral headquarters.

4. Ministry of Defence
Ministry of offence, naturally, but the Dutch military boils down to a couple of tanks, airplanes and soldiers on bikes.

5. Ministry of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Keynesian economics.

6. Ministry of Finance

7. Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

8. Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Leftist portfolio.

9. Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Leftist portfolio.

10. Ministry of Security and Justice

11. Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

The ministries take care of most of the ruling and they design the bulk of the new laws. The 2nd chamber can veto these laws but as the ruling coalition is formed by a majority in the 2nd chamber they usually work in unison. Thus while ostensibly the task of the 2nd chamber is to debate political issues, really their task is to pretend they are talking to the Dutch voter 24/7 and act the part.

New Dutch Blog! Old blog stays.

So I’ve been tinkering with a couple of ideas.

It seems that the biggest portion of my traffic is from the US. I therefore assume the average reader of this blog is not really interested in reading Dutch posts. However I enjoy writing in Dutch and I feel I am more fluent writing in Dutch than I am in English, as much as writing in English makes me seem more intelligent to my Dutch readers than I actually am.

Also I want to monetize my writing, e.g. $ellout. I don’t expect to earn large amounts of cash but I do expect to be writing for as long as I can, so why not try and make some bucks?

1 and 1 is 2 and therefore I am proud to announce a new blog – ! Check it out, it already has one post.

So for clarity:

  • AlfaNL will from this point on be English only, written for my foreign reactionary/alt-right/dark enlightenment friends. It will not be monetized.
  • Oude Waarheid will be my swanky new Dutch blog where I write Dutch samizdat and piss off the Dutch intelligentsia. It will probably be a lot of fun. I will sell essays and e-books on it.

I don’t know how this will affect posting regularity here. We’ll see.

Dutch political history 101

So we’ve covered geography and culture and slowly we shall be turning to the juicy current stuff. But first: Dutch political history 101. Part 1.

Way way back the Netherlands was mostly marshlands and forests inhabited by Germanic and Celtic tribes. Agriculture got to us around 7000 BC. The Romans got halfway our country, up to the Rhine where they set up border.

In medieval times the Netherlands was mostly a handful of cities ruling over their respective lands. Power was divided by the elite arranging helpful marriages between important houses. Beyond that no sense of unity and definitely no sense of nationalism, just a distant emperor to pay tribute to.

The story of nationalistic history starts when the Spanish king Philip II inherits these lands from his Habsburg father Emperor Karel V in 1556. These were the times of Luther, of dissent against catholics and of the Dutch statue storm. Philip was by all accounts a very devoted catholic and he was deeply disturbed by the reformation. He prosecuted non-catholics and ruled with iron hand. Unfortunately, not iron enough; Philip lacked the money and manpower to decisively rule the Dutch. the Dutch, smelling weakness, stopped paying tribute and held secret sermons. In retaliation Philip sent a warlord, duke Alva, to set things straight. Alva was a no-nonsense guy and his presence led to what in retrospect would be called the 80-year Dutch war of independence.

An important player on the Dutch side was a prince called Willem who owned territory in South France called Orange. This Willem of Orange led mercenary armies in the East. It seems that in actuality he made little contribution to the success of Dutch independence, but it just so happens that he was assassinated on the orders of Philip and was thus effectively turned into a martyr figure. His son Maurits of Orange turned out to be a capable commander and this combined with Spain’s imperial overstretch led to the creation of the independent Republic of the 7 United Netherlands.

The assassination of Willem of Orange

Interesting to note is that once independent, no king. Instead we had regents, whose task was to act more like a dealmaker behind the screens than a hero in front of them. If things went well the regents received approving nods, if things went bad the regents were publicly lynched by an angry mob  This kinglessness changed when Napoleon conquered the republic in 1795 and appointed his brother Lodewijk to rule over the northern provinces as a king. Lodewijk  took a liking to his new job and the Dutch took a liking to Lodewijk, who was a sympathetic softy. Too soft for his brother unfortunately, who eventually angrily called him back to France.

Lodewijk – Such a friendly face

After the final defeat of Napoleon a crafty descendent of Willem of Orange called Willem of Orange (creativity not a Dutch strong suit) convinced the English and the Prussians that a strong bufferstate to the North of France would serve as a deterrent for future French shenanigans. They agreed. Thus became King Willem I, ruling over the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, including not only the Dutch provinces but also Belgium and Luxembourg! Truly, things could only go up from here…