Jim, Grand Inquisitor

Alternate titles: ‘Jimism’, ‘Jimianity’, ‘Jim memes are best memes’.

I’ve been putting this post off for a while but might as well just write it.

It should come as no surprise that I am a huge Jim fanboy. I’d describe myself as a disagreeable guy yet I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything Jim says. He is amazing. When writes, always to the point. When thinks, always several steps ahead. When writes longer comments, often worthy of standalone posts. (Which I must add is intimidating for lesser bloggers such as yours truly because Jim’s posts become a standard to measure your own posts with and naturally you fall short because no one can outJim Jim.)

Jim has the uncanny ability to digest huge amounts of information and turn them into concise, clear arguments. Almost nothing gets left out. Jim is the judge of the internet. Cuts through lies, points out truth. In this he is also remarkably unaffected by the leftism which the West has marinated in for the past 200 years or so, which really makes him look like a character out of this time. He looks at years of manosphere writing and observes: of course patriarchy is good and feminism is evil – but patriarchy is hard to do, has a lot of moving parts. He looks at Christianity and concludes: dead like Monty Python’s parrot, unfortunately. He looks at the alt-right and points out: no enemies to the right.

When I discuss a topic with friends on which I know the answer but not how to accurately formulate it, I copy Jim (global warming is a false religion. What are you, a warmist?). When I discuss a topic on which I do not have much knowledge, I also copy Jim (Jews are just natural priests man, they’re better off in Israel).

If there is one thing I can criticise Jim for it is that his open inquiry into the position of Grand Inquisitor is irrationally optimistic. King Donald J. Trump and Grand Inquisitor James A. Donald is the stuff dreams are made of, but a dream it will stay. Then again, if anything, this is the fault of an insufficiently virtuous and lucky world.

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