The left regains balance

So we’ve established leftism is defection through conspiracy. A conspiracy necessitates a public position and a private position. In other words, it requires lying. The trick about lying is that you want people to either believe your lie or at the very least not call you out on your lie. John Oliver has failed this test and mainstream media in general is scrambling not to fail this test.

But most people enjoy lies that make them feel part of a conspiracy. They do not enjoy cold truths and will only endure cold truth if they have no choice, such as leftists accepting that Trump is the president-elect of the US. So once they’ve accepted what has to be accepted it is on to the next bunch of lies. It seems to me that Stephen Colbert is picking up speed as the new flag bearer for the hip left:

Notice the title: ‘Trump Train Already Off The Rails.’

Colbert addresses many points Trump fans use against the left which puts him ahead of leftists who are too scared to point out Trump’s many strong suits. For starters, he acknowledges Trump gathering with MSM just to tell them they’re a bunch of liars. Which is completely true. Colbert of course reframes it nicely as a small-minded man attacking ‘our nation’s most prominent media figures.’ A smooth white lie.

He then ridicules Trump’s expressions which actually is funny, but of course it’s just another set-up for Colbert to demeaningly wag his finger at 2:00.

His bit on Jeff Sessions is usual liberal platter: racist KKK white nationalists.

The bit with Kris Kobach is the best. Colbert ridicules Kobach for showcasing a ‘confidential’ document to the press. But because the internet we know that that document was in fact a troll by the Trump team mentioning a ‘1.989 mile wall planned for rapid build.’ There is no way Colbert did not know this, yet he still uses the document against Trump. Flagrant lying.

The final part about Trump taking it easy on the oh so corrupt Clintons is sad. But if Colbert wants to give thanks to that all the power to him.

All in all it seems that the Trump train is doing pretty well despite the video’s claim to the contrary. Another lie. But it does not matter — Colbert is savvy, suited-up, equipped with quips and last but not least: he has a successful black pianist audibly laughing along with him.

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