Demon Worship and Child Trafficking

When the internet story broke about Clinton involvement in spirit cooking and pedophilia rings I was skeptical at first, though probably not very skeptical since I find that the world has a lot of fucked up shit in it. Still it is quite the allegation and there is a need for evidence to separate this conspiracy theory from wackier conspiracy theories.

So is there evidence? Yes, there is a ton of evidence. It is all circumstantial evidence mind you, there are no pictures of Bill Clinton with his pants down getting sucked off by a little Haitian kid while Hillary is maniacally cackling. There might as well be though. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Where there is smoke there is fire and this crime scene is akin to walking into a smoke-filled room with a gas mask on because you can’t even see your own hands let alone breathe. As I am lazy I will let the memes and internet detectives do the talking for me:

James Alefantis (gay guy with the white skirt) seems to be an especially vile man. The creepy child pictures and pedophile terminology on his Instagram are out of this world. Like many sociopathic pedophiles he is hiding in plain sight, lining up kids for the rich and perverted while actually boasting about it on Instagram. The weak are policed by the strong, but the strong have no one to police them.

So I conclude that #Pizzagate is real. Spooky stuff. Jim explains the why and adds that most Christian authorities including the pope backed Clinton.

Personally I’ll add that there is a heavy feel to all of this, like something old and evil has been rediscovered. No doubt the cultish activities helped the Clintons attain power for all the rational reasons Jim mentions, but one can not escape the feeling that this is what true evil looks like. Implicit in Moldbug’s puritan hypothesis was the idea that man is at heart a religious creature and that modernist talk about outgrowing religion is just gaslighting done in service of a new religion. It seems now that our elite was religious all along, that the original puritan strain from Boston mutated into ever more viral strains until it demanded child sacrifice and demon worship. Moloch is real.


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