Alpha Case Study – Li’l Wayne

Back in the manosphere day when I was just a young lurker discussions fired up concerning the definition of Alpha. What is alpha? Among others Rollo Tomassi had some great posts on the issue. Let’s discuss 3 of Rollo’s lessons that stuck with me.

Rollo’s 1st lesson: discussions defining alpha are first and foremost an exercise in what people want their idealised versions of alpha to be. ‘An alpha is a great leader who inspires!’ ‘An alpha is a force of good!’ In other words they define what alpha should be according to their self-identification. This is an ego thing – alpha just is, it does not care what you think it should be like.

Another point made by Rollo is that alpha is contextual. Alpha is a state of mind and mindstates fluctuate depending on the way you feel and the demands of your environment. So sometimes beta, sometimes alpha. Pretending to be alpha in a situation in which you are clearly not signals social awkwardness instead of the coolness you want.

Nonetheless there is truth to the Heartiste maxime that delusional self-confidence is attractive – up to a point. ‘Not giving a fuck’ is alpha, but taken to its extreme it is also quite suicidal. Everyone gives a fuck. Hence Rollo’s third point, which was his theory that man subconsciously is very well aware of his position in the world. Alphas are no different.   So man’s search for amused alpha mastery is a balance between ‘not giving a fuck’ and ‘knowing what fucks to give’.

Rollo named Corey Worthington as an example for Alpha Buddha, precisely because he was such a scumbag yet undeniably cool:

I’ll discuss the next clip, an interview with Lil Wayne on Black Lives Matter which I think is another nice example. Mostly interesting from 4:30 onwards.

Li’l Wayne does not care about your social justice, he does not care about racism, he does not care about ‘his black brothers being held down’. He cares about himself and is unapologetic about it. Alpha mindset.

So let’s go through our 3 points.

  1. Alpha is not what you like it to be, it just is. You might not like the way Lil Wayne stares into the camera and says ‘my life matters. Especially to my bitches *wink*’, but rest assured that Wayne has sex with attractive women.
  2. Alpha is contextual. Lil Wayne is the star in the spotlight and he knows it.
  3. Alpha balances ‘not giving a fuck’ and ‘knowing what fucks to give’. Wayne gets annoyed with the reporter because he knows that she is dragging him into a political debate where he is supposed to join her in progressive signalling or at the very least apologise for his lack of progressive signalling. She keeps trying to set him up but he maintains frame: ‘I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me. If you do you crazy. YOU, not me.’ In the end when he sees there is nothing more to gain he walks away from the interview.

As a final remark note the indignation of the bald reporter in the final 10 seconds. Alpha or just sad?

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