Seeking replacement for John Oliver…

Leftism is defection by lies which means the most popular leftist is the de facto biggest liar. John Oliver, who was replacement for Jon Stewart, was a popular leftist, therefore also a big liar.

The interesting thing about leftist lies is that no leftist really minds your lies as long as your lies are to his advantage – we are in this together right? So when a leftist watches John Oliver’s show he thinks to himself: ‘is what this guy says part of the conspiracy I want to be part of?’ The more the left is winning the more powerful leftist conspiracies become the more egregious popular leftists will lie in order to maintain holiness. Mr Oliver spearheaded the liberal hipster media, hence we can conclude he lied a lot and he lied with ease.

Which of course was no problem, until reality catched up with his lies: “Trump Will Never Be Elected President” became “Shit Trump Is Elected President.” If Trump lost Oliver could have continued his hypnosis because his lies were covered up by the grander Clinton lies. Unfortunately for him truth broke through in a rather unexpected manner and it requires him and the left as a whole to re-adapt. What used to be the most effective conspiracies are no longer the most effective conspiracies and the left needs time to refind its balance. The Clintons are thrown under the bus – their conspiracy was the biggest and it crashed hardest. What about John Oliver? Well lets see what a trusthworthy leftist has to say about him:

We know Jeff Holiday is a trustworthy leftist because he sends all the right signals: dreadlocks, nose-piercing and alternative clothing. He represents ‘dirt’ in a cool way which is pretty much what the left boils down to. I would represent Holiday’s argument as follows: ‘John Oliver lies too much for me to associate myself with his conspiracy any longer.’ This is of course juicy clickbait for leftists of all stripes and banners: does John Oliver lie too much for people to take him seriously? Even professional youtube leftist Sargon of Akkad gives his opinion in the comment section.

The takeaway is that leftists will experience zero worldly insight following Trump’s victory, except what the realignment of the left following Trump’s victory forces them to acknowledge.

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