John Oliver the hypnotist

Often I think I have a good idea for a post but then it turns out other people thought of it simultaneously. Did I read their idea and adopt it as my own? Did we both come up with it independently? Does internet consciousness exist?

Today’s idea concerned my interest for John Oliver, host of humorous liberal content on the Daily Show. John has a slightly ratty face, the kind of face that lets you know he would be a loyal servant to Voldemort so that he can get back at those mean kids that bullied him when he was young.

Unlike Peter Pettigrew John has no magic at his disposal, but John does have one other potent weapon – he is a hypnotist. I was going to explain this in full detail but as mentioned above, I was beaten to the punch by MPC:


Pretty much. It should come as no surprise that mass media stands to win from effective mass hypnosis. The giveaway for me is the intense way Oliver stares into the camera. Seriously, look up a show on youtube. He holds dead-straight eye contact all throughout the show. It’s creepy.

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