American Hitler, European Hitler

For a few hours during the US election night, when it became apparent that Trump was going to win, a brief window opened into the collective consciousness of Holland. People were genuinely surprised. Confused. The otherwise calm and professional demeanour of journalists twitched. Trump is president? Trump??

Of course it was only a matter of hours before the genie was put back in the bottle again. The world continues to turn in the same way it turned the day before. But something has changed, something symbolic. Trump’s shit-eating grin now looms over Europe.

An interesting feature of having a trans-atlantic owner is that the owned psychologically adapt to the ownership. Since the cathedral is the owner Dutch leftists have psychologically adapted to feel powerful and convey this sense of power to the moderates, who shrug and follow the zeitgeist like Havel’s greengrocer. America the powerful and mighty after all, bailing us out in World War 2, a war which weighs heavy on the conscience of Europe,  the heaviest on the Germans. It is no incident that Hitler is the lefts most favoured instrument of propaganda.

America is seeing with their own eyes the destruction that the left causes. The Americans rightly distrust the federal government and have thus voted for a leader who promises to restore peace and order, or as the left calls it: Hitler. Turns out that when the American left calls Trump Hitler the people shrug which is incredibly hard for Europeans to fathom because when European leftists shout Hitler the room falls silent because we all remember the horrible stories our grandparents told us about the war. Europe is not yet ready for a Hitler, or rather, Europe does not currently have candidates that have the charisma and thick skin of Trump to withstand the accusations of being Hitler. Nigel Farage got the Brexit vote through but judging from his subsequent withdrawal he knows damn well that the rot has set in too deep. Geert Wilders is currently being sued by the courts for getting a crowd to chant ‘less Moroccans!’ Germans in the meanwhile seem to be applying their considerable talents to rationalising why Angela Merkel is not evil. Unfortunately, she probably is.


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