Final thoughts on 2016 US elections

2016 is the year where the world ‘democracy’ lost its good feeling no matter what the outcome. But the outcome is important.

If Trump wins
4 years of hope in a world that is falling apart. Trump shifts the Overton window and will give hope not only to Americans but also to Europeans, who in Trump see an example of an alternative to the corrupt globalism that ravages through Europe.

If Hillary wins
Expect no mercy. The jig is up but as they say a cornered cat makes strange jumps.

2 thoughts on “Final thoughts on 2016 US elections

  1. Do they say that? Do they? In all seriousness “a cornered cat makes strange jumps” is a new one on me. It sounds like “a cornered animal is the most dangerous” but flows nicely. I’ll have to add it to my repertoire filed next to “like a cat on a hot tin roof.”

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