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Jim, Grand Inquisitor

Alternate titles: ‘Jimism’, ‘Jimianity’, ‘Jim memes are best memes’.

I’ve been putting this post off for a while but might as well just write it.

It should come as no surprise that I am a huge Jim fanboy. I’d describe myself as a disagreeable guy yet I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything Jim says. He is amazing. When writes, always to the point. When thinks, always several steps ahead. When writes longer comments, often worthy of standalone posts. (Which I must add is intimidating for lesser bloggers such as yours truly because Jim’s posts become a standard to measure your own posts with and naturally you fall short because no one can outJim Jim.)

Jim has the uncanny ability to digest huge amounts of information and turn them into concise, clear arguments. Almost nothing gets left out. Jim is the judge of the internet. Cuts through lies, points out truth. In this he is also remarkably unaffected by the leftism which the West has marinated in for the past 200 years or so, which really makes him look like a character out of this time. He looks at years of manosphere writing and observes: of course patriarchy is good and feminism is evil – but patriarchy is hard to do, has a lot of moving parts. He looks at Christianity and concludes: dead like Monty Python’s parrot, unfortunately. He looks at the alt-right and points out: no enemies to the right.

When I discuss a topic with friends on which I know the answer but not how to accurately formulate it, I copy Jim (global warming is a false religion. What are you, a warmist?). When I discuss a topic on which I do not have much knowledge, I also copy Jim (Jews are just natural priests man, they’re better off in Israel).

If there is one thing I can criticise Jim for it is that his open inquiry into the position of Grand Inquisitor is irrationally optimistic. King Donald J. Trump and Grand Inquisitor James A. Donald is the stuff dreams are made of, but a dream it will stay. Then again, if anything, this is the fault of an insufficiently virtuous and lucky world.

Demon Worship and Child Trafficking

When the internet story broke about Clinton involvement in spirit cooking and pedophilia rings I was skeptical at first, though probably not very skeptical since I find that the world has a lot of fucked up shit in it. Still it is quite the allegation and there is a need for evidence to separate this conspiracy theory from wackier conspiracy theories.

So is there evidence? Yes, there is a ton of evidence. It is all circumstantial evidence mind you, there are no pictures of Bill Clinton with his pants down getting sucked off by a little Haitian kid while Hillary is maniacally cackling. There might as well be though. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Where there is smoke there is fire and this crime scene is akin to walking into a smoke-filled room with a gas mask on because you can’t even see your own hands let alone breathe. As I am lazy I will let the memes and internet detectives do the talking for me:

James Alefantis (gay guy with the white skirt) seems to be an especially vile man. The creepy child pictures and pedophile terminology on his Instagram are out of this world. Like many sociopathic pedophiles he is hiding in plain sight, lining up kids for the rich and perverted while actually boasting about it on Instagram. The weak are policed by the strong, but the strong have no one to police them.

So I conclude that #Pizzagate is real. Spooky stuff. Jim explains the why and adds that most Christian authorities including the pope backed Clinton.

Personally I’ll add that there is a heavy feel to all of this, like something old and evil has been rediscovered. No doubt the cultish activities helped the Clintons attain power for all the rational reasons Jim mentions, but one can not escape the feeling that this is what true evil looks like. Implicit in Moldbug’s puritan hypothesis was the idea that man is at heart a religious creature and that modernist talk about outgrowing religion is just gaslighting done in service of a new religion. It seems now that our elite was religious all along, that the original puritan strain from Boston mutated into ever more viral strains until it demanded child sacrifice and demon worship. Moloch is real.


The left regains balance

So we’ve established leftism is defection through conspiracy. A conspiracy necessitates a public position and a private position. In other words, it requires lying. The trick about lying is that you want people to either believe your lie or at the very least not call you out on your lie. John Oliver has failed this test and mainstream media in general is scrambling not to fail this test.

But most people enjoy lies that make them feel part of a conspiracy. They do not enjoy cold truths and will only endure cold truth if they have no choice, such as leftists accepting that Trump is the president-elect of the US. So once they’ve accepted what has to be accepted it is on to the next bunch of lies. It seems to me that Stephen Colbert is picking up speed as the new flag bearer for the hip left:

Notice the title: ‘Trump Train Already Off The Rails.’

Colbert addresses many points Trump fans use against the left which puts him ahead of leftists who are too scared to point out Trump’s many strong suits. For starters, he acknowledges Trump gathering with MSM just to tell them they’re a bunch of liars. Which is completely true. Colbert of course reframes it nicely as a small-minded man attacking ‘our nation’s most prominent media figures.’ A smooth white lie.

He then ridicules Trump’s expressions which actually is funny, but of course it’s just another set-up for Colbert to demeaningly wag his finger at 2:00.

His bit on Jeff Sessions is usual liberal platter: racist KKK white nationalists.

The bit with Kris Kobach is the best. Colbert ridicules Kobach for showcasing a ‘confidential’ document to the press. But because the internet we know that that document was in fact a troll by the Trump team mentioning a ‘1.989 mile wall planned for rapid build.’ There is no way Colbert did not know this, yet he still uses the document against Trump. Flagrant lying.

The final part about Trump taking it easy on the oh so corrupt Clintons is sad. But if Colbert wants to give thanks to that all the power to him.

All in all it seems that the Trump train is doing pretty well despite the video’s claim to the contrary. Another lie. But it does not matter — Colbert is savvy, suited-up, equipped with quips and last but not least: he has a successful black pianist audibly laughing along with him.

Alpha Case Study – Li’l Wayne

Back in the manosphere day when I was just a young lurker discussions fired up concerning the definition of Alpha. What is alpha? Among others Rollo Tomassi had some great posts on the issue. Let’s discuss 3 of Rollo’s lessons that stuck with me.

Rollo’s 1st lesson: discussions defining alpha are first and foremost an exercise in what people want their idealised versions of alpha to be. ‘An alpha is a great leader who inspires!’ ‘An alpha is a force of good!’ In other words they define what alpha should be according to their self-identification. This is an ego thing – alpha just is, it does not care what you think it should be like.

Another point made by Rollo is that alpha is contextual. Alpha is a state of mind and mindstates fluctuate depending on the way you feel and the demands of your environment. So sometimes beta, sometimes alpha. Pretending to be alpha in a situation in which you are clearly not signals social awkwardness instead of the coolness you want.

Nonetheless there is truth to the Heartiste maxime that delusional self-confidence is attractive – up to a point. ‘Not giving a fuck’ is alpha, but taken to its extreme it is also quite suicidal. Everyone gives a fuck. Hence Rollo’s third point, which was his theory that man subconsciously is very well aware of his position in the world. Alphas are no different.   So man’s search for amused alpha mastery is a balance between ‘not giving a fuck’ and ‘knowing what fucks to give’.

Rollo named Corey Worthington as an example for Alpha Buddha, precisely because he was such a scumbag yet undeniably cool:

I’ll discuss the next clip, an interview with Lil Wayne on Black Lives Matter which I think is another nice example. Mostly interesting from 4:30 onwards.

Li’l Wayne does not care about your social justice, he does not care about racism, he does not care about ‘his black brothers being held down’. He cares about himself and is unapologetic about it. Alpha mindset.

So let’s go through our 3 points.

  1. Alpha is not what you like it to be, it just is. You might not like the way Lil Wayne stares into the camera and says ‘my life matters. Especially to my bitches *wink*’, but rest assured that Wayne has sex with attractive women.
  2. Alpha is contextual. Lil Wayne is the star in the spotlight and he knows it.
  3. Alpha balances ‘not giving a fuck’ and ‘knowing what fucks to give’. Wayne gets annoyed with the reporter because he knows that she is dragging him into a political debate where he is supposed to join her in progressive signalling or at the very least apologise for his lack of progressive signalling. She keeps trying to set him up but he maintains frame: ‘I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me. If you do you crazy. YOU, not me.’ In the end when he sees there is nothing more to gain he walks away from the interview.

As a final remark note the indignation of the bald reporter in the final 10 seconds. Alpha or just sad?

Seeking replacement for John Oliver…

Leftism is defection by lies which means the most popular leftist is the de facto biggest liar. John Oliver, who was replacement for Jon Stewart, was a popular leftist, therefore also a big liar.

The interesting thing about leftist lies is that no leftist really minds your lies as long as your lies are to his advantage – we are in this together right? So when a leftist watches John Oliver’s show he thinks to himself: ‘is what this guy says part of the conspiracy I want to be part of?’ The more the left is winning the more powerful leftist conspiracies become the more egregious popular leftists will lie in order to maintain holiness. Mr Oliver spearheaded the liberal hipster media, hence we can conclude he lied a lot and he lied with ease.

Which of course was no problem, until reality catched up with his lies: “Trump Will Never Be Elected President” became “Shit Trump Is Elected President.” If Trump lost Oliver could have continued his hypnosis because his lies were covered up by the grander Clinton lies. Unfortunately for him truth broke through in a rather unexpected manner and it requires him and the left as a whole to re-adapt. What used to be the most effective conspiracies are no longer the most effective conspiracies and the left needs time to refind its balance. The Clintons are thrown under the bus – their conspiracy was the biggest and it crashed hardest. What about John Oliver? Well lets see what a trusthworthy leftist has to say about him:

We know Jeff Holiday is a trustworthy leftist because he sends all the right signals: dreadlocks, nose-piercing and alternative clothing. He represents ‘dirt’ in a cool way which is pretty much what the left boils down to. I would represent Holiday’s argument as follows: ‘John Oliver lies too much for me to associate myself with his conspiracy any longer.’ This is of course juicy clickbait for leftists of all stripes and banners: does John Oliver lie too much for people to take him seriously? Even professional youtube leftist Sargon of Akkad gives his opinion in the comment section.

The takeaway is that leftists will experience zero worldly insight following Trump’s victory, except what the realignment of the left following Trump’s victory forces them to acknowledge.

John Oliver the hypnotist

Often I think I have a good idea for a post but then it turns out other people thought of it simultaneously. Did I read their idea and adopt it as my own? Did we both come up with it independently? Does internet consciousness exist?

Today’s idea concerned my interest for John Oliver, host of humorous liberal content on the Daily Show. John has a slightly ratty face, the kind of face that lets you know he would be a loyal servant to Voldemort so that he can get back at those mean kids that bullied him when he was young.

Unlike Peter Pettigrew John has no magic at his disposal, but John does have one other potent weapon – he is a hypnotist. I was going to explain this in full detail but as mentioned above, I was beaten to the punch by MPC:


Pretty much. It should come as no surprise that mass media stands to win from effective mass hypnosis. The giveaway for me is the intense way Oliver stares into the camera. Seriously, look up a show on youtube. He holds dead-straight eye contact all throughout the show. It’s creepy.

Holland in bird’s view

Following the US election craze I figured it would be fun to cover the Dutch elections which will be in a couple of months. I will write this with 2 audiences in mind: first the reactionary foreigner who has an interest in international politics yet his knowledge about Holland does not go much further than knowing that the weed in Amsterdam is pretty good. Second is my fellow Dutchman who know that weed in Amsterdam is overrated but who perhaps have not yet realised the clusterfuck that Dutch democracy is. Or perhaps they have realised exactly that it is a clusterfuck and are looking for a place to discuss. Let us dive right in.

First things first. The name. Domestically we call our country Nederland which translates to the Netherlands, but internationally the name of our richest province has stuck best – Holland. I will use this name when I refer to the country.

Now let’s take a look at geography.



Situated on the North-Western tip of continental Europe, Holland has always been an area of forests and soggy marshlands. That is until crafty Dutchmen discovered a way to drain the water using dykes and windmills and so amongst others created an entire new province (Flevoland) and turned a sea into a lake (the IJssellake, formerly known as the Southernsea).

Holland covers 34.000 flat square km and houses 17 million people of which 13 million white Dutch people and 4 million foreigners. Foreigners are a diverse mix of Turks, Moroccans, Indonesians, Asians, Africans and now Syrians. Many people on a small piece of land.

12 provinces make up Holland, represented by different colours on the map. North-Holland and South-Holland are the most relevant internationally. Here one finds the biggest cities: Rotterdam, through which the Rhine flows into the sea, the Hague, where politicians reside, and Amsterdam, cultural capital of Holland known for its weed and prostitutes.Together with Utrecht these cities and their surrounding areas make up a conglomerate or megalopolis that houses 7 million people including most of the elite. The Dutch call this area the Randstad or City’s edge.

Leaving the Randstad we find the more rural provinces; Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland, Overijssel, Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland. Generally speaking people below the Rhine are more social and fun to hang out with – carnaval is a big deal in Noord-Brabant and Limburg – although they are slightly less trustworthy. Dutch in the Eastern provinces near the German border are sober people: ‘just be normal then you are crazy enough’. Up North the people are more proud and especially Frysians in Friesland have a distinctive style which usually impresses me.

An easy way to think of Holland is to think of a country where every square meter has been designated a purpose. The Dutch like to keep busy and in keeping themselves busy they have built stuff wherever stuff can be built. Nature has been boxed in and designated ‘nature’, signs have been put up everywhere so no one ever gets lost and legislation is needed for every shed you want to build. We like to make sure everything is in its right place.

Zwarte Piet Geïllegaliseerd

Links zit vast in een schijnheiligheidspiraal waarbij jonge linksmensen aan oude linksmensen bewijzen hoeveel schijnheiliger ze zijn. De oudere generatie linksmensen had geen probleem met Sinterklaas. De jongere generatie linksmensen ziet echter een kans om makkelijk statuspunten te verdienen en noemt Sinterklaas zodoende een racistische en xenofobe traditie. Zodoende de oorlog tegen Sinterklaas.

Sinds vorig jaar is er niet veel veranderd. Dezelfde haat tegen Nederlandse tradities, hetzelfde geweld en dezelfde intimidaties. Zolang Nederlanders nog geen memetische verdediging hebben ontwikkeld tegen de leugenachtige beschuldiging van ‘racist’ hebben ze geen weerwoord tegen deze haat. Ideetje: de volgende keer dat iemand zwarte piet racistisch noemt, merk dan op dat de zwarte pieten van de Sint er een stuk vrolijker uit zien dan de kindsoldaten in Sierra Leone. De blanke man tovert middels zijn wijsheid en werkverschaffing immer een grijns op het gezicht van zijn zwarte knechten die op hun beurt kinderen blij maken.

Maar links maakt de dienst uit en links is succesvol op oorlogspad tegen zwarte piet. Zodanig succesvol dat het Sinterklaasjournaal dit jaar overstapt op politiek correcte pieten.


Kinderen zijn niet dom. Toen Sinterklaas met zijn zwarte knechten op de stoomboot binnen kwam varen dachten kinderen: ‘vanavond mag ik mijn schoen zetten jaaa!’ Toen Sinterklaas met zijn politiek correcte pieten binnen kwam varen dachten kinderen: ‘wie zijn die geschminkte mensen?’ Het verhaal wordt kapot gemaakt door haatdragende volwassenen.

Een land dat zijn tradities niet kan verdedigen is een land dat geen bestaanstoekomst heeft. Of de toekomst van Nederland staat of valt bij Sinterklaas valt nog te bezien, maar vooralsnog is het duidelijk hoe de wind waait. Zwarte piet wordt geïllegaliseerd.

Organisms, superorganisms


No one lives in a vacuum. We are all connected with one another whether we like it or not. So when people say ‘one love’ they are not necessarily lying. Yet often they are, so what gives.

Life follows certain patterns or fractals if you will; self-repeating patterns of symmetry on different scales.  Life repeats itself. This repetition occurs on many levels, an obvious one being that one-celled organisms cooperate to form multi-cellular organisms. A single bacteria is a miracle of life but a stomach filled with an entire flora of bacteria is certainly a miracle of miracles. Tiny life-forms cooperate to form evermore complex forms of life. Cells begat tissues begat organs begat humans begat civilisations.

Life is at every level presented with prisoner’s dilemmas: cooperate or defect? Does the left lung put in the same amount of work as the right kidney? Is gene #10.248 as cooperative as gene #26.030 or does it screw over gene #26.030? As always there is no morality involved but the morale of the survivor.

The same happens on a larger scale- not just within humans but between humans. We’re all part of the circle of life, all part of the same carbon-based genetic life forms and thus we all speak the common language of life. We are part of something that is bigger than ourselves, something which I’ve been calling a superorganism in my mind.

A superorganism’s boundaries are as vaguely defined as any form of life. A family is a superorganism, but so is a school, a police station, a village or an entire state. The internet is a very freaky type of superorganism.

Since superorganisms follow similar fractal rules as regular organisms we can make statements about superorganisms as if they were regular organisms. For instance we can call a superorganism sick, such as when Moldbug claimed that the West is infected with a parasite. We might also nuance the claims of people loudly singing ‘One Love’ – these people often imply that we are one love in the way a lung and a heart are part of the same body, but more often we are one love in the way 2 bacteria compete for resources on the same body.

It is often said that mankind seems more evolved to get along with other people than to understand truth. This makes sense because being in harmony with the relevant superorganism is often more critical for survival than the truth, even if that means sickness for the superorganism.

American Hitler, European Hitler

For a few hours during the US election night, when it became apparent that Trump was going to win, a brief window opened into the collective consciousness of Holland. People were genuinely surprised. Confused. The otherwise calm and professional demeanour of journalists twitched. Trump is president? Trump??

Of course it was only a matter of hours before the genie was put back in the bottle again. The world continues to turn in the same way it turned the day before. But something has changed, something symbolic. Trump’s shit-eating grin now looms over Europe.

An interesting feature of having a trans-atlantic owner is that the owned psychologically adapt to the ownership. Since the cathedral is the owner Dutch leftists have psychologically adapted to feel powerful and convey this sense of power to the moderates, who shrug and follow the zeitgeist like Havel’s greengrocer. America the powerful and mighty after all, bailing us out in World War 2, a war which weighs heavy on the conscience of Europe,  the heaviest on the Germans. It is no incident that Hitler is the lefts most favoured instrument of propaganda.

America is seeing with their own eyes the destruction that the left causes. The Americans rightly distrust the federal government and have thus voted for a leader who promises to restore peace and order, or as the left calls it: Hitler. Turns out that when the American left calls Trump Hitler the people shrug which is incredibly hard for Europeans to fathom because when European leftists shout Hitler the room falls silent because we all remember the horrible stories our grandparents told us about the war. Europe is not yet ready for a Hitler, or rather, Europe does not currently have candidates that have the charisma and thick skin of Trump to withstand the accusations of being Hitler. Nigel Farage got the Brexit vote through but judging from his subsequent withdrawal he knows damn well that the rot has set in too deep. Geert Wilders is currently being sued by the courts for getting a crowd to chant ‘less Moroccans!’ Germans in the meanwhile seem to be applying their considerable talents to rationalising why Angela Merkel is not evil. Unfortunately, she probably is.