The first rule of patriarchy

The internet is a collective consciousness like the printing press but more powerful. The internet has no restrictions or has hitherto always found ways around restrictions. This has allowed men interested in truth to huddle together and describe parts of elephants to one another. One such elephant is the observation that a society in tune with natural law is patriarchal. Man is made to wield responsibility, woman is made to test man’s responsibility.

The first rule about fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club. Observing the dynamic changes it. The patriarchal dynamic works because it works and that is the end of story. So the first rule of patriarchy is you don’t talk about patriarchy.

Jim is the first blogger I read explicitly breaking the rule and talking patriarchy. His assessment of the situation seems as follows: patriarchy was the default modus operandi of white men until our priests deemed it evil. Power naturally lies with patriarchs so it has taken many years of subversion and educational propaganda to disrupt functionality all the way down to the most basic patriarchal networks: within and between families. It seems that modernity has accomplished exactly this; men are now scared of women and a scared man dare not lead. Hence the common complaint that no one is in charge.

Crucial in the modern undermining of the patriarchy is the submission of males and females to a greater patriarchal power. I am not sure what to call this power — it is the state, the leviathan, the Zeitgeist, the cathedral. It is what helps males rationalise away their retreat and what helps females rationalise away their childless careers. It is a fetishisation of patriarchy into a non-existent super patriarch. It is the belief that we are watched over by unseen masters that act in our best interest. It is the conviction that we must not shake the boat because it might disturb the flow of the fleet which is dutifully watched over by our admiral overlords.

But this fleet has no admiral. The so-called super patriarch of our age is by and large a poisonous mix of bureaucrats and career politicians whose main interest is neutering threats to the status quo, the main threat being patriarchy. Thus the undermining of patriarchy by any means necessary, including the promotion of divorce and sexual deviance, making big families too expensive, ostracising patriarchal behaviour, brainwashing through education and making men guilty until proven innocent and women innocent until proven guilty. Whatever works.

The survival of our particular species stands and falls with the reinstatement of patriarchy. The first rule of fight club might be that you don’t talk about fight club but somehow everybody still knows this rule. Can the same be said about patriarchy?

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