Laughing at your neighbour’s sinking house is funny until your house starts sinking

US election craze has once again hit the Netherlands for we are always interested in seeing how our masters of the Western world are doing. Naturally what we see appals us. Who are these presidential candidates you’ve come up with – a populist asshole and a corrupt hag!? No one likes them! Silly Americans, what are you doing! This is not how you do democracy! At least in the Netherlands we have the decency to talk thing over with each other and not resort to shit-flinging. As you no doubt infer from my tone we are a decent down-to-earth people who prefer civilised discourse and listening with open heart to all opinions. Frankly we do not stand for this pussygrab and wikileaks nonsense!

Yes, Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing. That is until the self-righteous stop shaking their fists at the Atlantic ocean and turn towards the European situation. How’s that Brexit going? How’s the Ukraine referendum? How’s the EU? How’s the UN? How’s that ISIS and immigration thing? Laughing at your neighbour’s sinking house is funny until you realise that your house is built on exactly the same swamplands.

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