YouTube wars

Lately there has been drama going on at YouTube. For one, YouTube HQ is cracking down on advertiser-unfriendly content by demonetizing videos that contain sexism, misogyny, bullying, hatespeech, cussing and other equally vague terms. Also Basically free speech on YouTube is now an unprincipled exception and as Jim reasons, unprincipled exceptions seldom last. Unsurprisingly youtube HQ has already banned many videos.

Simultaneously something is happening among youtube celebrities: they’re fighting! What started the fights is as unclear as what started world war I since each youtuber is shouting his own narrative from the rooftop, but here at The Dark Enlightenment(c) we know we can explain both the HQ crackdown and the youtuber wars in a single blog post.

Politics is power. Power is life. Life is everywhere ergo politics is everywhere. Youtube is a very successful company, one might call it the media platform of the future. Old and senile people watch tv, kids and cool people watch youtube. Status, fame and money is involved and we may confidently state that people will fight over power as natural as day follows night.

So about YouTube HQ turning into Gestapo HQ — any organisation that is not explicitly right-wing will turn left-wing sooner or later because entropy demands it (‘what goes up must come down’). YouTube like so many other companies is being taken over by Social Justice Warriors because leftists are in power.

So about youtubers turning on each other. Who is actually waging war upon whom? What is the narrative, the story? Well the only ones that really understand what is going on are the youtubers involved in the war, so as a spectator there is a lot of stuff you’re missing. But the patterns of warfare are always the same and it is no different with youtubers. Let us pretend you’re cheering for a football team. Do you care about the behind-the-scenes drama? Not really, as long as your team wins when they play. Similarly youtuber wars only make sense in the context of their function: collecting views. May the most views win.

That being said I will offer one bit of narrative. Leafy receives a fair amount of hate. My AlfaNL analysis is as follows: conflict is a natural law of life which means that those who are good at handling conflict prosper and become defacto alphas. Leafy is a natural at conflict engaging. He essentially is the youtube alpha gorilla in the playground, speaking out his mind unfiltered about all the other weird kids. Alpha is as alpha does. It leads to other guys roleplaying that they are going to kill him and it leads to girls roleplaying that they want to be fucked by him.

Of course such a power grab will not go unopposed. How to handle the playground bully? Defect against him, naturally. Posture yourself to be holier than him. Tell people you will not stand for this vile behaviour, that not just you are better than that, but surely everyone is better than that! Of course every time you rant against your enemy you are engaging in the exact same thing you are accusing your opponent of but that is exactly what leftist evolutionary tactics boil down to. You give yourself moral permission to be a hypocrite because you can not honourably defect without being a hypocrite. So while I may personally dislike H3h3 for being a hypocrite in the end my opinion does not matter. What matters is whether the defection works.

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