What’s up guys Alf here with another post on the god-damn internet.

ReactionaryFuture has gone all out and broken with pretty much every post-Moldbug blogger. This is a completely logical step because RF is the Chosen One, the only One who has interpreted the true will of Moldbug. This was not an easy task for RF since Moldbug’s teachings only make sense when combined with de Jouvenel in a ritual that requires its participant to slay a French sheep during full moon whilst reciting backwards the essay ‘how Dawkins got pwned’. When a secret of the universe is so well hidden it is no wonder no one understands what RF is talking about.

You might think the next logical step for RF would be to sell his earthly possessions and go camp outside Moldbug’s house, but RF would then no doubt discover that even Moldbug has forgotten Moldbug’s teachings! So no. Instead, the next logical step for RF is of course to gather his own following (likely spergy guys with issues but preferably young fertile chicks), establish a successful cult and live off their pussy and money. I wish him the best of luck.

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