Let’s you and him fight

Men instinctively know when a woman is turned on. Men with game fine-tune this instinct and learn that women respond well to being an asshole. Thus modern men want to become assholes.

Why are assholes sexy? Because they get away with being an asshole which equals power which equals chick magnet. The problem is that not everyone can get away with being an asshole. Women are acutely aware of this and test to see if you’re really the badass you portray yourself to be. Individual shit-tests are easily passed with rudimentary game knowledge. But women are smart and know that not everyone can get away with being an asshole. If a woman asks Ronald if ‘he does this often’ Ronald replies ‘only with cute chicks’ because Ronald has read Heartiste. The same woman then asks Steven if he’ll make her dinner to which Steven responds ‘I’ve got some skittles’ because Steven has read Heartiste. The woman however knows that not all men can get away with being an asshole and so does the only thing that makes sense to her: get Steven and Ronald to fight.

Women love men fighting over them and seek out opportunities to provoke men in doing so. Game sells us the fantasy that we can pimp every chick as long as we don’t give a fuck, but whenever possible women will test that assertion by setting you up against other men who also claim to not give a fuck. Most men by design give a fuck as much as they shout that they do not. Even Heartiste admits that many alphas are good at pretending not to give a fuck.

Thus women call our bluff: ‘you say you are a tough guy, but so does this other guy. How about you fight?’ Since only outlaws dare to fight, only outlaws pass modern woman’s shit-test and get laid. Average, law-abiding men on the other hand are stuck paying thousands of dollars for RSD courses which teach them that whenever they fail it is their own fault because they are pathetic men that need to learn how to man up.

5 thoughts on “Let’s you and him fight

  1. I really have not encountered this. The nearest thing to this I have ever encountered is that someone hit on my women, she encouraged him by responding pleasantly, whereupon I put my hand on her shoulder and stared at him resulting in him apologizing and fleeing.

    I am not all that physically imposing. Maybe I do a good psychopathic stone cold killer stare, or maybe my social isolation makes it difficult for my women to pull this stunt on me.

    1. Social isolation seems like a very effective way of imposing ownership.

      I see the ‘lets you and him fight’ dynamic most often in work environments with a lot of women. Can’t say I have figured it all out, will say I notice women pitting men against each other.

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