The war on white heterosexual men: Dutch fraternities

I have found that the easiest way to explain reaction is by taking Jim’s approach: point out that there is a war going on against white heterosexual men. What you lose in terms of sounding dramatic you win in terms of predictive power – once you reason from the hypothesis ‘leftists fight a war against white heterosexual men’ many things make complete sense.

For instance the recent media ruckus around the most infamous Dutch student society Vindicat. Quality journalism has uncovered that higher ranking men in Vindicat were circulating a ‘bang-list’ which rated its 22 hottest & sluttiest female members. This evil behaviour will of course not stand and the right people were consequently outraged. Pressure started from the media, including Rob Wijnberg’s media outlet comparing the men of Vindicat with terrorists. This prompted the female minister of education to criticise the university for not intervening enough which prompted the Groningen university to promise a more active involvement in much needed ‘cultural change‘ in fraternities, including illegalizing hazing procedures. Men of Vindicat, I am sorry to tell you this, but your student society will be stomped in the face with a leather boot until it submits to progress.

The media-political-academic complex strikes and Ctulhu is moving left yet again. This of course is nothing new for our American friends, who have described the exact same procedures happening overseas. Nothing new to see in the war against white heterosexual men here.

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