Random blurbs.

  • The Puritan hypothesis is true. At least I believe it is true. When will we know for sure? If president Trump fails to turn the tide? What if Trump crowns himself king? Leftists will have lost at any rate. Alt-righters, NRx and dark enlightenment will continue debate. But leftists will always creep back into the debate, finding other weak spots in the coalition to defect against.


  • Elections are fascinating. Especially now. Why do we like elections? Because we get to decide about the fate of powerful people. We like that, it makes us believe we are special, that we matter. But there is a worm turning in the background making sure the powerful stay the powerful. They are the powerful for a reason. Trump catches the worm in the act of turning. Such showmanship!


  • Good news. Literally. An Algerian rapper is arrested for inciting violence against the police. Turns out he was also collecting social insurance while touring around Holland. I was surprised to hear about it. I imagined the Dutch press had censored these racist xenophobic news stories by now. I can’t imagine it being a big item in the states. Lowerstomachfeelings are moving.

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