Why Leftism?

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It seems to me that reaction-wise the most important stuff has been said. We’ve realised mankind is still as religious as ever. We’ve realised that democracy sucks and that modernity is spiritually speaking a complete scam. We’ve realised how and why Western society is falling apart. We’ve reconnected ourselves with traditional common sense, which means that when we read old books in which it is observed that emancipation of blacks was a bad thing for the blacks we nod to ourselves and say: well that makes sense.

On the list of things I still wonder about is leftism. Why leftism? Why did Harvard take over the West so relatively unopposed? Why was communism implemented in the East? Why is it that no one is leading this ‘conspiracy’, yet every leftist spouts the same predictable lines as if they were answering to a central party?

Once you know what to look for leftist rhetoric is always the exact same thing: gas lighting, evasive manoeuvres, hypocrisy, cuck behaviour, outright lying and when finally push comes to shove: disappearing. I see the behaviour over and over in many different people. Leftism is a very universal human trait.

The problem with the Alt-Right is that it tends to define leftism as an elitist globalist group, e.g. the Clintons and the George Soros’s. I understand these globalist motives loud and clear: money and power. It is plain to see that they are evil people who will slither and crawl to achieve their goals. But Hillary’s power is not just the millions of dollars she funnels away through her foundation, it is also the millions of voters that stand with her. Who are these millions of people? Are they being completely misled, just yearning for someone to tell them the truth and set them free? Or do the mainstream media lies appeal to them, perhaps in a way they can not articulate? After all it takes 2 for a con to work.

I’ve had 2 passionate leftists as friends. One is a female poster child of leftism who is of above average intelligence, now in her thirties. She levered her intelligence into high status value signalling – feminism! The environment! EU Song festival! She used to be in an open relation with a beta boyfriend until she dumped him for a higher status boyfriend who subsequently dumped her. Last I heard of her she was moving in with a new boyfriend of whom she was always complaining of. She maybe wants  children one day, but for now she is focusing on her career.

My other friend is the male poster child of leftism. Great orator. Real casanova. Natural narcissist. I’ve known him for years and although I do not think he is the incarnation of evil it finally struck me a while ago: whenever he opens his mouth he spouts complete bullshit. He is the master of the 10-minute monologues of convincing sounding utter bullshit. He will contradict himself within the same minute and make you feel bad for noticing the contradiction. He will sleep with your daughter and tell you she is a stronger woman for it. He will go on and on about female emancipation, about systemic racism and about white male privilege. If you push him really hard you will get him to admit that yes, it is probable that the Netherlands will be a muslim country somewhere in the future, with which he is ok. However he will always forget all your points the next day.

The psychology fascinates me. I think r/K selection is a very good start in explaining leftist psychology: K is honourable, r is scavenging. Despite of our heroic stories, mankind’s biology includes a lot of scavenger genes between and within individuals. Modernity has developed in such a way that honourable genes are marginalised. Scavenger genes are rewarded, as well as their accompanying emotions: envy, greed and lust.

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