Sometimes people just give themselves away

Oftentimes you can intuitively feel when someone is a bullshitter, which is not to say they are 100% composed of bullshit but which is to say they are not the person they project themselves to be.

I’ve always had that feeling with Owen Cook and Julien Blanc from RSD. But a feeling is a feeling and a feeling might be misguided. Then the whole Julien Blanc rapist scandal came along:

Julien Blanc represents himself as an aways happy cool guy who just lives life to the fullest. But in this video I see a grovelling and scared man who acts like he was caught with his pants down. He is a bullshitter and gave himself away.

The same goes for Arnold Schwarzenegger. His accomplishments and self-discipline are mind-blowing, but Arnold like so many celebrities gave himself away when he represents himself as an intelligent politician yet he voted John Kasich. You don’t care for American values, you care for yourself and your career. Bullshitter, your vote gave you away.

The problem is that snake oil merchants try to avoid situations in which they give themselves away. Julien Blanc wished the media scandal would have never happened. Arnold Schwarzenegger wished the Trump train would have never happened.

Julien is still working as a dating coach for RSD and Arnold is set to be Trump’s follow-up in the Celebrity’s Apprentice. In this sense nothing ever changes. This is why it is always good to trust your gut even if someone has not explicitly given themselves away as a bullshitter.

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