Neoreaction, Alt-Right and Politics


I can not lie: I am really enjoying the convergence of Trump, mainstream media and the Alt-Right. Trump signing up with Breitbart is the final confirmation. Dutchies had never heard of Breitbart before a week ago and do not understand what is going on. I have known Breitbart since a year or so because of Milo, the homosexual journalist with fabulous hair. Back then he was touring around the US on his dangerous fag tour, trolling people with alt-right memes and generally being a funny flamboyant gay. Recently he got banned from twitter when he gave the Ghostbusters remake a deserved thumbs down.

Now Hillary Clinton will apparently give a speech on thursday explicitly addressing alt-right. The final final confirmation. Oh boy.

Who expected it to go this fast? Not me. At the same time I’m not surprised. The internet is by large a free speech zone which means memes flow freely and the best memes are allowed to float to the top. The Alt-Right has the best memes and the coolest memers. You might not like it but Pepe the frog has been confiscated by the Alt-Right. Young rightist memers are cooler than young leftist memers. Meme critical mass has been reached.

Vox Day writes that now is a good time for bloggers to define the Alt-Right. Sure. I have no quarrels with his points. I’ll add some neoreactionary and personal thoughts.

The most important political realisation of the 21st-century in the West is that leftists are in charge everywhere. Mencius Moldbug was the first to realise and write about this, and his theories on progressivism are what is generally accepted as neoreactionary theory. Moldbug diagnosed the USA as a communist country, run by English priests who settled in Cambrige, Massachusetts, where they founded a university you perhaps heard of: Harvard. Of course Harvard in practice is not as much a university as it is a church, and its priests are destined to become the most powerful people on earth. Widely read journalists, respected academic professors and big shot politicians all hail from Harvard or pay ritualistic respect to Harvard. We are talking about the New York Times, the Richard Dawkins and the Barack Obamas. The important people. Moldbug ominously referred to this huge collective of leftist power as the Cathedral. The problem with the Cathedral is similar to the problem with communism: it is biological parasitism which feeds on peace and order and produces chaos. We’re talking a pretty big parasite, e.g. one which Moldbug compared with Lovecraft’s mythical monster of Ctulhu.

Ctulhu always moves left

So that is dr. Moldbug’s diagnosis of the West: a persistent case of religious leftism. Now, what do we do with this knowledge? This is where opinions diverge, most prominently between neoreactionaries and the Alt-Right.

Moldbug/neoreaction advocates passivism, which argues that the system is so completely infected with leftism that it is futile to try to save it. Democracy by nature is flawed. Instead of building a kitchen in a burning house you are better off building a new house.

The Alt-Right advocates activism, which argues that you can not make a change in the system without fighting for it. To do so you need to work within the system. In the US it turns out that the supposedly right-wing republican party is in actuality controlled opposition for the leftists. The conservatives are in this sense ‘cucked’ by leftists. Hence the beloved Alt-Right meme: cuckservatives. Jeb Bush was an obvious cathedral puppet cuckservative. With the opportunity of non-cathedral president Donald Trump the Alt-Right is now attacking the cathedral head on in whatever way they can. Since they have the truth on their side, they have the memes on their side. Twitter in particular is amazing in terms of battling leftist lies with glorious memes. A personal favourite is God Emperor Trump. Were he to crown himself king, I daresay Moldbug would approve.


Alt-Righters have a point when they attack reactionaries for being pussies. Politics do not happen in a vacuum and it is silly to assume the cathedral will let you build parallel institutions in peace if you’re really quiet about it. If Trump were a passivist reactionary would he be running for president?

At the same time the righteousness of the Alt-Right feels temporary. I can’t help but notice that pretty much the entire Alt-Right hype centers around the election. Elections are bad for your soul. There’s a couple of alt-righters who seem like respectable people, but any group that defines itself by the idiom ‘no enemies to the right’ is bound to pick up lots of crazies. As long as there is a clear commander (Trump), a clear enemy (Hillary) and a clear objective (winning the election) the Alt-Right will do amazing things. After that, I am not so sure.

So ending on a personal note: I enjoy the Alt-Right but associate myself more with neoreaction. Generally though I see myself in a position where politics slowly ceases to be my #1 topic of blogging. Politics is always interesting, it is just not something on which I have a lot of new stuff to say.

5 thoughts on “Neoreaction, Alt-Right and Politics

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  2. Moldbug diagnosed the USA as a communist country Wow ik heb nog nooit zo iets doms gelezen. Wie heeft jou gehersenspoeld? Hoe kom je tot dit soort rare conclusies?

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