We are at war

“Pretty sure it is not natural for me. Feels like prison or an armed home invasion robbery. Feels like I am being intimidated off my own property.”

When I look at reactionary and alt-right discourse I see a recurring mindset: we are at war.  War is the natural state of man and war (or anarchy-tyranny) is the state we find ourselves in nowadays. It is a relatively strange war: there’s no bombings, no curfew, no shortage of food, no military force marching through town. But war is waged in many ways and the only reason we do not see public executions is because no party is strong enough to get away with openly executing their enemies. We do however see war parties churning out propaganda and disrupting the enemy in whatever way possible. Black Lives Matter is a front for warfare in the same manner that the Dutch political party ‘Denk’ is a front for warfare. Those in favour of Denk are not yet burning down shops, but only because they can not get away with it at this point in time.

The virus of universalism works so that it explicitly kills your sense of ‘us vs them’. Academic psychology tells us that ‘us vs them’ is a bias to be overcome instead of an evolutionary instinct to distinguish between friend and foe. If you believe there is no enemy you have no need to be alert and you are thus lulled asleep.

The truth is that you have friends and you have enemies. Likely you have more enemies than you think. But like most enemies they will not explicitly tell you they are your enemies. Instead they will wait, undermine and strike only when they feel they can get away with it.

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