Final showdown: Cialdini vs Trump

Cialdini vs Trump

So Trump’s poll numbers have been tanking and suddenly signs point towards a stumpening of the Trumpening. Topic du jour among normies is the image of Trump’s fat racist finger hovering over the launch button of the US nuclear arsenal. Heartiste has the scoop  and explains-  there ís a stumpening going on and the reason is that Hillary’s PR team has picked up speed. The media and academic apparatus was always at the disposal of the democrats, they just did not know how to use it against the madman. Now it seems someone capable has been put in charge. If Cialdini, dangerous.

There is not much to add to Heartiste’s breakdown of the situation. Biomechanics is God. The mob is capricious and will be swayed by anyone with good game. Trump understands game, but so does Cialdini. And Cialdini is backed by those in power.

Trump’s trump is stage presence. His rallies fill up massive stadiums with angry whites and his words give them hope for a better future. Clinton’s rallies are empty puppet shows. So Trump has that going for him. But seducing 320 million voters is an immense task. Man oh man oh man. Trump better had discipline indeed. And dare I say also have a back-up plan: in all fairness Trump has very little time to organize a ragtag band of republicans and weasels against the full might of the cathedral, which has openly declared him to be the #1 state enemy of progress. Perhaps with 4 more years of political network building he would do better. Then again, US voting demographics look scary. Every 4 years 10 million new voters are thrown into the power struggle. With a national 1.88 fertility rate the only conclusion is that these 10 million newcomers are almost exclusively immigrants. Immigrants by nature vote cathedral. The window of hope is closing.

At least democracy is living down to her expectations. #NRx.

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