Thoughts on the Rio Olympics

A friend sent me this article – why it pays to be grumpy and bad-tempered. Yes it is the BBC and yes I do not trust anything those people write, but I like the jest of the writer. It helps me rationalize my grumpy thoughts on the olympic games and turn them into a pièce de art.

For clarity: unlike probably most men I rarely watch sports. I enjoy sporting but I’d rather be doing it myself than watching others do it. Of course I do have an opinion on sports and specifically the ongoing olympic games in Rio. Here it is:  I can’t take them seriously.

First there is the obvious geopolitical situation. If Rio de Janeiro indeed represents a city of the New World it is not a new world I look forward to.

But mainly my issue is that these olympics seem to forget the original purpose of sports: competition. Sports is a matter of finding out who is best. It is a friendly battle, a K-selected struggle in a dojo for all to witness. The rush of adrenalin experienced by athletes and viewers is enjoyable because it is in line with nature – nature likes winners. Nowadays the progressive wind blows quite different: everyone is a winner! This applies to the selection process of ‘nationalist’ teams which are preferably as genetically -and religiously- diverse as possible. This makes it so that the flags associated with each athlete lose their meaning; if an American athlete wins this tells me absolutely nothing about America.

The there-are-no-losers meme also applies to the inclusion and extensive media coverage of female olympic athletes. This one gets to me especially because I see with my own eyes what is happening, namely that the female who is most like a male usually wins. In strength-based categories the females are so bulked up that they practically are men. Well of course they are not really men since male athletes consistently outperform female athletes in pretty much every sport, but let us not talk about this. Let us celebrate their achievements! Remember – everyone is a winner! Pfah.

(In all fairness my girlfriend mentioned gymnastics as a more female-friendly category. I agree.)

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