It’s coming to an end

Through Ricky Vaughn I stumbled on a photo report on Obama’s visit to Singapore. I don’t know. I look at those pictures and it seems to me like the writing is on the wall. There is despair in those pictures. Michelle does look like a body builder in her bulking period. I imagine the PM’s wife greeting her and thinking ‘oooh why she so fat!’ Obama smiles but  doesn’t really smile. The toast he gave honoring prime minister Lee Loong must have been a drag.

My guess is they all start to realize the jig is up. Yes we can – no we couldn’t. There is some interesting psychology going on.

What natural rightists not always understand is that leftist dreams are really appealing. They are appealing because they seem real, they feel real. When Obama ran for president it was a huge deal among the interested parties who were mainly young students who saw ‘their’ cathedral bringing hope and change for the world. In retrospect it was of course all a scam, but retrospect is easy talking.

So regarding the psychology of Barack Obama: my analysis is that he genuinely believed in the cause. He likely thought of himself as the son of Martin Luther King and a president who would guide his people through troubled times (although natural leftist narcissism might dictate that he was more deluded). The momentum of his campaign meant people around him also believed and he thrived on that. But 7 years later the cause is in shatters. People are losing faith. Like Adolf in der Untergang so is Obama unable to filter all the negative feedback he is receiving. Also Obama has to deal with a pissed-off wife who probably feels like she was sold a beta in an alpha suit.

edit: Steve Sailer makes sense. “Obama’s 17-year-old mother arrived in Hawaii in 1960 and quickly became pregnant by an exotic black man.” That’s your prophecy right there.

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