It seems like I woke up one morning and suddenly It Was Happening. Trump’s Twitter account reaches Justin Bieber popularity level, terrorists attack weekly, Wikipedia hosts LGBT writing weeks and Ghostbusters 2 screens in Dutch Cinemas. Overseas there suddenly is an ‘Alt-right’ and perhaps or very likely it will grow in the Netherlands as well. Reaction has reached peak memetic efficiency in the sense that any modernist argument can pretty much be refuted with a picture and a caption. Modernity is built on a scam and that scam is now falling apart.

It is interesting how people try to explain away the scarier developments of the past year: ISIS. Mass immigration. Putin. Trump. Turkey. It does not fit their pre-existing story, for their pre-existing story tells them that the world is slowly uniting into one big utopian family. But the level of cognitive dissonance is growing and the amount of mental gymnastics performed to counter fearful thoughts is reaching maximum capacity. The Reactionary(c) on the other hand is of course not at all surprised by the events of the past year and if he is surprised it is in the positive sense, for he is not just proven right a little bit, no, he is being proven right a lot. I sure feel like performing an upbeat I-told-you-so dance around a burning globe. I’m probably not the only one.

When one compares the reactionary view with the prevailing mainstream view the discrepancy is huge. Now on the one hand people say that the opinion of the masses does not matter because elites will do as the elite will do. Yet at the same time sovereignty is conserved and since we live in the age of the masses, mass opinion matters. Correct me if I’m wrong but the entire movement around Trump is a mass movement is it not? Trump is redirecting the attention of the masses. For instance Trump has injected into the mainstream audience the -Heartistian- meme that diversity + proximity = war. Which is a great counter meme to modernity. But it is only one of many reactionary memes. For every reactionary mean an an average person has about 99 modernist meetings implanted in their head. After all, progressivism has about a 200 year head start on this whole neoreactionary shenanigans. It is often said that the only way Trump can achieve meaningful change is when he breaks democratic regulations that make up the US Federal government.

Trump, being a charming man, usually knows very well what he can and what he cannot say. There was this one business with him suggesting that women ought to be punished for abortions which did not go down well, but all in all Trump knows very well what the average voter is thinking and act accordingly. Speaking personally I do not posses even 1% of trumps diplomatic tact. I like to talk about truth and that is about it. Ergo I have pretty much the lost all interest in public political discourse, because it now seems clear to me what the topic of conversation will be for the next Current Years: it will be leading towards iconoclasm. Remember everything you have been taught? About history, about the enlightenment, about the second world war, about races, and of course about democracy? Yeah that was all a scam. Remember Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Che Guevara and Barack Obama? Yeah they were all liars or just stupid. Remember freedom of speech, human rights, equality? All just a bunch of leftist bullshit. Oh and have you heard of Harvard university? Man don’t even get me started.

So remind me again- do the masses like comforting lies or do they like harsh truth? Indubitably the masses do not like harsh truth and they will choose comforting lies until harsh truth hits them in the face like a cold fish. Even if Trump does turn out to be the God Emperor alt-right propaganda makes him out to be, I see no pretty way for the West to make this U-turn.

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