No one cares about freedom of speech

“lol-traffic went up! Aahh I got hooked up. FeelsGoodMan. Shit better write something before the pressure builds up. Have that Dutch post cooking. Nah it’s too edgy, better write something spergy.” {not deleting old stuff, but man is this horrible. – future alf.}

So what about that free speech, huh.

I don’t care about freedom of speech. I don’t know if this meme has been dealt with the way Jim has dealt with the meme of asymmetric warfare*, but I’ll write about it for the sake of writing. The idea of free speech used to interest me and be an interesting topic of discussion. Now the meme just annoys me.

Free speech does not exist. It is a figment of modernist imagination, one of the modern Gods in his pantheon, like the Greeks used to have but crappier. Free speech is an abstract thing no organic being really cares about. The way freedom of speech comes down practically is in 2 ways:
– you get away with it
– you do not get away with it
That’s all there is to it.

Trying to engineer ‘freedom of speech’ as a meme for society pretty much serves as a Schelling points for naive people and liars. You don’t backwards engineer a society which is propelled forwards by forced honesty. The conditions in which people feel comfortable to share their honest opinions follow natural law. In a good-functioning group people are rewarded by being (mostly) honest so they will wield the power of ‘freedom of speech’ more often. They still would not care about ‘Freedom of Speech’ of course. They are just happy that they got away with speaking their minds.

* Can I get away with dick-riding Jim so often? Can I get away with saying dick-riding? I mean, Boondocks did it right? {only slightly less horrible}

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