Dem womenz

I find myself in an interesting situation where I get along better with women than ever before, yet at the same time piss off some women more than ever before. Let’s talk about women.

A woman is always pinging her environment for social cues. She is constantly asking herself the question: who is in charge here? If she is not sure who is in charge, she will test you. If she is sure you are in charge, she will occasionally test you to see if you are still in charge. If no one is in charge she will pretend to be in charge by imitating men who were in charge of her, yet in her actions she will remain a child.

Someone always has to be in charge. The conclusion of reaction is that no one really is in charge. This conclusion is way too scary for working women to contemplate, who instead bury their fear by attributing holy alpha status to the government. The system is in charge! Hence their obsession with protocols, reports and endless meetings. It does not matter that nothing gets done, what matters it that everything looks good on paper.

A working environment which is taken over by women in this way is inherently unstable. It is a spiteful and dysfunctional environment, filled with gossip and childish behavior. How to solve this? The answer is so obvious that no one dares to utter it: put these women in their place. They will shriek and they will throw childish tantrums. Persist with calm demeanor. In the end the working environment will be healthy and productive and these women will be happy for being treated in exactly the way they want to be treated.

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