NOS / the Dutch have grown too decadent

De NOS heeft bij mij altijd wel een zekere mate van respect genoten. Neutraal nieuws brengen, niet meer en niet minder. Mijn rotsvaste vertrouwen in Nederlandse staatsjournalistiek vertoonde de eerste scheurtjes nadat concurrent Geenstijl erop wees dat NOS met beelden sjoemelt: zo werd Putin in 2014 extra asociaal neergezet en werd in 2009 een applaus voor de koningin met 8 seconden verlengd. Opvallend is natuurlijk dat we dit alleen maar weten omdat een ander media instituut dit heeft gerapporteerd. Menselijke natuur vertelt ons dat de NOS wel vaker schuldig zal zijn aan ‘aanpassingen’.

Maar no big deal toch? Ok ok, koningin goed, Putin slecht. Maar het is niet alsof ze aan de lopende band leugens verkopen. Toch? Helaas. Harvard eist gehoorzaamheid en zodoende komt de NOS niet onder haar taak als propagandamachine van de linkse staat uit. De NOS verkoopt leugens aan de lopende band. Deze worden vanzelfsprekend op volledig neutrale manier verkocht: ‘we vragen de meningen van de experts, dat is alles.’


No no no. Fuck that. This was supposed to be a piece about the NOS (Dutch state media) churning out propaganda pieces for the cathedral, but the style doesn’t feel right. From an endarkened perspective it is obvious that the NOS is cathedralizing, e.g. here, where white knights agree that we need more women in top positions. But it is difficult to communicate the obvious to the oblivious. I am trying to build bridges between enlightenment and reactionary values but it comes off as weak. I think it is because I am trying to argue on behalf of both groups. But there is an undeniable schism between the groups and when I pretend otherwise I am being fake.

Leftism is degenerate by nature. It infiltrates functioning systems and feeds off their blood. It is exactly like a parasite. Leftist values always destroy long-term prosperity for the sake of short-term profit.  Biologically speaking the r-selected abuse the prosperous safety-margins built in by the K-selected. Theologically speaking leftism is just plain evil. Ergo demonic priests have hijacked Western civilization.

The SJW narrative is coming into full swing in the Netherlands. Pillarization is falling apart. This country has no serious intellectual resistance to the r-selected masses. And no serious resistance will amass for a while; the country is functioning too well. Its people are too decadent, too self-satisfied. The Netherlands is a fat pig that makes any migrant watery in the mouth.

A peaceful resolution will never be achieved with the r-selected demons, for they yearn to watch the world burn. As for the infamous moderates – these people will not be swayed by abstract logic. They can only be influenced by power, fertile girls and good art.

EDIT: Nick Krauser once again hits the nail on the head:

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