Hestia society needs a prophet

“The core of our problem is that there is no one with the secure authority to fix things. The core of our solution is to find a man, and put him in charge, with a real chain of command, and a clear ownership structure.”

Hestia Society de facto is neoreaction*, because civilization is the only morality. Hestia society is a lot like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. Both groups anticipate civilizational disaster and prepare for it. In Asimov’s version the Foundation turns out to do all kinds of awesome stuff. In real life’s version it is pretty much impossible to say what Hestia society will accomplish.

On a long enough time scale all science turns into stories turns into myths. The Schelling point for neoreactionary wisdom must therefore be easily memorable yet very effective. For the human brain it is ultimately (male) prophets that are best at fulfilling the function of such a Schelling point. Hence the success of Jesus Christ and Karl Marx. Hence also the initial success of the Foundation which was led by the brilliant Hari Seldon; “a mathematician and psychologist, [who] has developed psychohistory, a new field of science and psychology that equates all possibilities in large societies to mathematics, allowing for the prediction of future events. Using psychohistory, Seldon mathematically determines what he calls The Seldon Plan—a plan to determine the right time and place to set up a new society, one that would replace the collapsing Galactic Empire by sheer force of social pressure, but over only a thousand-year time span, rather than the ten-to-thirty-thousand-year time span that would normally have been required, and thus reduce the human suffering from living in a time of barbarism.” 

Wow, what a guy. I mean I know some psychology, but being able to predict the black swan events of the entire universe over the course of 100+ years? Someone wants to live forever. Lead your people, perform miracles, die for a greater cause and make millions cry when they think of you. Be a prophet.

No wonder the Foundation got off to a flying start. So the formula for neoreaction is simple: Hestia Society + Jesus 2.0 = successful neoreaction.

Of course the problem is that you can not backwards engineer a religion. Hestia Society can only influence Hestia Society. ‘Jesus 2.0’ remains the undefined variable**. Any prophet must first show his worth by conquering Hestia Society much like how Genghis Khan first conquered Mongolia. Who in real life is the reactionary prophet? Who is the leader? So far I hear no one making an outright claim to the throne, which I infer by the fact that Hestia Society’s website does not name a leader. This makes sense – as long as a prophet is not standing up that means that the people sitting around the table are no prophets. Which is good to know. Clarity of communication and all.

The only real serious nomination so far is Moldbug, who has declined the offer. Same for me [there say like it matters]. I’m a smart guy but I am no prophet. I am satisfied being a guy who prophecizes about the coming of a prophet.


* or heroic reaction.
**ReactionaryFuture defines Jesus 2.0 -or at least the necessary intellectual framework for such a prophet- as the works of Moldbug + de Jouvenel. These works probably do include all the information necessary for Hestia Society to succeed. Is the Schelling point effective enough? Perhaps. Right now I prefer Jim’s Schelling point.

6 thoughts on “Hestia society needs a prophet

  1. I would bend the knee to one worthy. But don’t forget that even the Great Khan submitted to the will of the Skyfather; and in his old age, he consulted with a Taoist priest. Not even a Khan can know everything. Once he has brought peace by the sword, he must stay his hand and let life live.

    “When achievement is completed, fame is attained
    Withdraw oneself
    This is the Way of Heaven”

    Those descendents of Genghis Khan who did not seek mutual understanding with their subjects were destroyed.

  2. You don’t ask a prophet if he wants to be a prophet — he made his choice the moment he decided to dispense wisdom.

    What neoreaction is wanting is a pope, ideally one chosen by the prophet.

    1. Agreed with the first part. re 2nd part: why would a prophet delegate his responsibilities to a pope while he were still alive? It seems to me there is to much overlap between them.

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