Truth in the comments

The human animal is not meant to be promiscuous or polygamous

He is most certainly meant to polygynous. We are descended from far more women than men, indicating that among our ancestors most men failed to reproduce, and a few men reproduced massively.

Civilization requires patriarchy and monogamy, but any argument for monogamy presupposes patriarchy, that women are owned by their fathers, who transfer ownership to husbands. If fertile age women are allowed to wander round fucking who they please, they all fuck Jeremy Meeks – and if Jeremy Meeks is too busy to fuck them, they fuck Jian Ghomeshi. If you emancipate women, Jeremy Meeks gets most of the pussy, and nice guys get used up burned out thirty year olds.

For monogamy to exist, it has to be forcefully and coercively imposed on women. Women have submit.

Monogamy should be understood as a system of rationing to deal with the shortages that result from price controlling pussy.

Monogamy is a part of a deal between fighting men, where each man who is willing to work and fight gets at least one women, men disinclined to work or fight get kicked out, and women are not consulted about the deal.


3 thoughts on “Truth in the comments

  1. “Is” doesn’t imply “ought.” But “ought” certainly doesn’t imply “is not”. And “ought” really should try to make sense of “is”, when it disagrees.

  2. I want to make sure I understand you before I respond.

    Which is/ought is confused in your opinion? That men are polygynous, women must submit or monogamy has to be imposed?

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