Finding a Spot in the Blogosphere

In a room of average people I may confidently boast that I am the smartest person in said room. For not only am I likely the only one who has read Moldbug, I am also the only one who has turned from atheism to Christianity. Since these discoveries I have gone undefeated in real life intellectual debates. This is good for my ego.

In a room of spergy NRx bloggers I am however of very average intellect. Perhaps slightly above? Probably slightly above, but I venture not so much as my ego would like.

The problem with being surrounded by digital smart people is that it is hard to contribute original thought to the reactosphere. Moldbug has been blogging since, what, 2007? So basically we have about 10 years of Nrx thought brewing about. The cathedral has been uncovered and while grey spots are still filled in, the general picture has become clear: leftism chaos, rightism order. Jim still surprises me but generally I am just nodding my head in agreement with whatever post I read. ’I’d like to think nothing in the abstract can still surprise me’, to paraphrase Mr Mold.

What is left is signaling -isn’t all NRx right-brahmin signaling-, which boils down to spergies forming circles and taking turns at pointing out stupidities of modernity. Or as Peppermint sort-of put it: you call a nigger a nigger and meanwhile wait for the restoration to come.

I might be wrong. There might be some secret plan in the works that I know nothing about. ‘Illuminati Nrx’, wherein cloaked bloggers meet and exchange the secret handshake which includes mentioning the real meaning of the B in Nick B Steves.

But nah. Such global conspiracies are too LARPy and they fail the test of Dunbar. To act locally is much more fruitful I think.

So concluding, what kind of stuff will I write on this blog? I will likely continue to peruse this blog for a while, in both Dutch and English. I’ll try to ramp up to 2 posts a week. The pattern for the coming time will probably be:
– Dutch – NRx basic concepts adapted for a Dutch audience
– English – Random stuff that comes to mind

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