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Truth in the comments

The human animal is not meant to be promiscuous or polygamous

He is most certainly meant to polygynous. We are descended from far more women than men, indicating that among our ancestors most men failed to reproduce, and a few men reproduced massively.

Civilization requires patriarchy and monogamy, but any argument for monogamy presupposes patriarchy, that women are owned by their fathers, who transfer ownership to husbands. If fertile age women are allowed to wander round fucking who they please, they all fuck Jeremy Meeks – and if Jeremy Meeks is too busy to fuck them, they fuck Jian Ghomeshi. If you emancipate women, Jeremy Meeks gets most of the pussy, and nice guys get used up burned out thirty year olds.

For monogamy to exist, it has to be forcefully and coercively imposed on women. Women have submit.

Monogamy should be understood as a system of rationing to deal with the shortages that result from price controlling pussy.

Monogamy is a part of a deal between fighting men, where each man who is willing to work and fight gets at least one women, men disinclined to work or fight get kicked out, and women are not consulted about the deal.


Finding a Spot in the Blogosphere

In a room of average people I may confidently boast that I am the smartest person in said room. For not only am I likely the only one who has read Moldbug, I am also the only one who has turned from atheism to Christianity. Since these discoveries I have gone undefeated in real life intellectual debates. This is good for my ego.

In a room of spergy NRx bloggers I am however of very average intellect. Perhaps slightly above? Probably slightly above, but I venture not so much as my ego would like.

The problem with being surrounded by digital smart people is that it is hard to contribute original thought to the reactosphere. Moldbug has been blogging since, what, 2007? So basically we have about 10 years of Nrx thought brewing about. The cathedral has been uncovered and while grey spots are still filled in, the general picture has become clear: leftism chaos, rightism order. Jim still surprises me but generally I am just nodding my head in agreement with whatever post I read. ’I’d like to think nothing in the abstract can still surprise me’, to paraphrase Mr Mold.

What is left is signaling -isn’t all NRx right-brahmin signaling-, which boils down to spergies forming circles and taking turns at pointing out stupidities of modernity. Or as Peppermint sort-of put it: you call a nigger a nigger and meanwhile wait for the restoration to come.

I might be wrong. There might be some secret plan in the works that I know nothing about. ‘Illuminati Nrx’, wherein cloaked bloggers meet and exchange the secret handshake which includes mentioning the real meaning of the B in Nick B Steves.

But nah. Such global conspiracies are too LARPy and they fail the test of Dunbar. To act locally is much more fruitful I think.

So concluding, what kind of stuff will I write on this blog? I will likely continue to peruse this blog for a while, in both Dutch and English. I’ll try to ramp up to 2 posts a week. The pattern for the coming time will probably be:
– Dutch – NRx basic concepts adapted for a Dutch audience
– English – Random stuff that comes to mind

Power is its own justification



It weren’t the Sith that were evil; it were the Jedi all along.
It wasn’t Voldemort that was evil; it was Harry Potter all along.

A beautiful aspect of NRx is that it is inherently realistic about power. Power! It is so breathtakingly fresh to talk honestly about power! It is the one thing people obsess over yet never talk about out loud. Likely even more so today due to the denial of power by those who are actually in power: power = privilege = EVIL. Thus trails along the narrative of equalism.

In the end all biological dynamics are explained by power. Gnon talks only the language of power. I had a discussion with AntiDem recently on Social Matter in which we came to the same conclusion even in our disagreement. All communication is an exchange information to gain power. If I were supreme leader of Social Matter I might have banned AntiDem for a week to prove my point. If he subsequently turns his NRx thedes against me he will again prove my point. If I ultimately were supreme leader of the world I might execute him to ultimately prove my point. Power is all.

This does not mean one should obsess over power, even if I understand the temptation to do so very well. Power = power, whether you deny it or fetishize it. Gnon will do as Gnon does whether you care about it or not.

This also does not mean that all discussions concerning ‘what is right?’ are moot points. But they are impossible without:
a) the admission that theology > philosophy
b) the admission that in the end the gun is always right

Barack Obama is puriteinse Jezus XXL


TLDR; Barack Obama is is in fact a meme-producing robot produced by Harvard’s smartest puritan scientists.

Ik weet nog wel dat Barack Obama in 2008 werd verkozen als eerste zwarte president van het machtigste land ter wereld. Eerlijk is eerlijk: ik was meer bezig met het halen van m’n vakken en het in bed krijgen van meiden, maar ik herinner me wel de euforie in Nederland bij zijn overwinning.  Bush = slecht, Obama = goed, volledig in lijn met de dominante opinie die destijds ook in progressief Amerika heerste.

Vandaag kijk ik er compleet anders tegenaan. De persoonlijkheidscult van Barack Obama is een grap. De man is een marginaal bovengemiddeld intelligente mulatto (zwarte vader, blanke moeder) die naar boven is komen drijven op basis van zijn educatie aan Harvard & zijn huidskleur. Al zijn faam en charisma dankt hij aan het feit dat hij een leeg vehikel is waarop mensen hun progressieve fantasieën kunnen projecteren. Obama is geen leider. Obama is een loyale volger van progressieve Ctulhu.

In retrospect lijkt het allemaal zo simpel. De aanwijzingen zijn overal om ons heen, maar gelijk een vis die het water niet herkent waar hij in zwemt waren we blind voor de waarheid.

Neem de officiele twitter account: @Potus.

Ik bekeek deze account afgelopen week voor het eerst. Ik moest oncontroleerbaar lachen. Ik heb geen gevatte one-liner om mijn lachen te verklaren, behalve dan dat het zo voelde:


Barack Obama zoals wij hem kennen bestaat niet. In werkelijkheid is Obama een progressieve-meme producerende robot die het faillissement van progressivisme nog niet heeft meegekregen. In andere woorden: Barack Obama is een gemuteerde Jezus XXL. Als Barack Obama op dramatische wijze voor jouw zondes kon sterven dan had hij het onmiddellijk gedaan. Tot die tijd is hij echter geprogrammeerd om maximale progressieve memes de wereld in te pompen. Vrouwen, Cubanen, Afrikanen, homoseksuelen, klimaat en je oma – OBAMABOT is vastbesloten alles en iedereen redden. Laten we een kijkje in het algoritme van OBAMABOT nemen.








Nrx Overload


It is at times implied that the internet is a magical place of freedom and anonimity – the mere term ‘second life’ implies the possibility of a parallel life lived on the internet, completely separated from your supposedly ‘first life’. I find myself disagreeing. The internet is but a digital representation of yourself, and digital life resembles real life in all aspects. The internet has two advantages, which are the speed of information dispersion and the immense universe of information available. But this is nothing revolutionary – a telephone and a library provide similar services.

Nrx is one of the many obscure corners of the internet, yet it is the part of the internet which makes an incredible amount of sense. This place has converted me from a sort-of-progressive into a convinced neoreactionary (whatever that may be). Yet implicit in its knowledge is the fact that the internet will not save you, for only your thede may save you. Internet thedes are intellectually mind-blowing, yet practically speaking weak-sauce. They do not help much in real life. I could even argue the opposite: Nrx messes up your real life, for you increasingly feel disconnected with everything around you. Modernity is crap. Media is crap. Equality is crap. Contemporary art is crap. Everyone’s opinions are crap. Some part of my personality has always felt this, which is probably why I am in this obscure part of the internet in the first place. But I feel alone. Whenever I discuss anything of marginally intellectual level with people I inescapably feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

I find myself discussing the most basal concepts which people forget within the week. People are sheeple. Progressives wallow in their power. Atheists swallow everything the media tells them. Protestants are in favor of gay marriage. Catholics warn for macho behavior of men. There truly are very few sane people left and the cynic in me wonders if there ever were many in the first place.

People don’t want to think truth about gays, jews, progressivism, religion, women, power and whatnot. It hurts their heads. They want to think happy thoughts. They want to enjoy modernity, which admittedly is still functioning fairly well in the Netherlands. Rumblings at the horizon are to be ignored and the same goes for messengers of bad news such as myself.

I prefer to have a well-functioning real life, which means I need to get along with the people in my real life. Not sure what conclusion I’m drawing here. Show but don’t tell, I guess. Or: the internet is not your friend. Or: make knowledge work for you, not against you. Whatever. Grumble grumble.