Het Overton Raam opentrekken #1


Hedendaagse politici worden niet verantwoordelijk gehouden voor hun daden en zijn om deze reden onbetrouwbare ratten. Skin in the game is belangrijk. Investeer je huid in datgene wat je luidkeels verkondigt. Heb een fucking ruggengraat.

Ik zal de eerste zijn om toe te geven dat ik mijn gedachten in mijn dagelijks leven niet van de daken schreeuw. Ik ben tegen moderniteit, ergo moderniteit is tegen mij. Als je niet wilt verzuipen dan leer je daarmee om te gaan. Dus houd ik mijn mond als de situatie daarom vraagt en werk ik elke dag aan om minder afhankelijk te worden van moderniteit’s goedkeuring.

Hier ben ik daarentegen semi-anoniem.  Lang leve het internet. Tijd om het Overton raam wat open te trekken.

Vandaag een repost van Nick Krauser op het RooshV forum uit een thread die ‘post your unpopular opinion’ heette. Nick krauser bleek ‘too red pill for the red pill‘,  want hij werd naar aanleiding van deze post geband. Ik ben het in alles ofwel eens met hem ofwel ik defereer naar zijn superieure oordeel.




Unpopular on RVF (probably)
– Most of you are either liars or bullshitters when it comes to your stories about money or girls.
– For every 5 Americans I meet, 4 are aggressively fronting a delusional self-image.
– First time I went to America I was shocked at how empty and vapid the culture is. It’s like every city was thrown up overnight faster than a movie set, there’s no sense of history, and the popular culture is inane. I’m not joking about being shocked. It disturbed me for days on end as I’d always secretly hoped something remained of the era of the Declaration. When I grew up (1980s) anything “big in America” was immediately cool, whereas now it’s a millstone around the neck.
– French men are all f****ts. Italians are all semi-retarded children. Spanish are lazy.
– I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of PUAs / players I’ve met who can consistently bang girls better-looking than they are. Almost everyone else is leveraging something else – looks, money, a scene “in”, SEA – or else just plain lying.
– Most men shouldn’t attempt the player’s lifestyle. It’s not in alignment with what they really want in life. Don’t be seduced by the war stories.
– Becoming a player is like entering a game of Russian Roulette. There’s tremendous survivor bias in who’s stories get heard. The rewards of victory are high, but it’s a stupid strategy to begin with.
– Turning your back on your country disgusts me. Your homeland and your people are not the same as your government and your media.
– Most genocides in history were merely overreactions against a people who had it coming. That includes Jews, Tutsis and especially Kosovans.
– I really wish the Serbs had wiped out the Kosovans.

Unpopular in the normal world
– For a brief window after the creation of the Constitution, the US was the greatest place on earth.
– I don’t care what your documents say, you are your race not your nationality. Blacks are Africans, Arabs are arabs, Asians are asians etc. Giving a dog papers to call it a cat doesn’t make it so.
– Noam Chomsky is a textbook case of a fearsome intellect being completely ruined by never challenging the basic principles his Jewist communist parents indoctrinated into him as a small boy.
– As much as I like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, I wish I’d had a chance to punch them. They have punchable faces.
– Asians in asia are disgusting. Chinese are evil-minded savages. Thais are high-estrogren bum-boys. Western culture mostly civilises them.
– Japan gets an honorary exception. You can understand Japs by imagining a 1950s Englishman with high levels of OCD. They are white men with slanty eyes.
– Koreans are all bat-s**t crazy. If not for that, they’d be as good a race as the Japs.
– When you learn to see black people as frightened and impulsive children, not capable of getting by in white man’s civilisation, then lots of their behaviour makes sense.
– The UK should only consider asylum seekers from Iceland, Norway, Republic of Ireland and France. Any asylum seeker from a different country has already passed through at least one safe country already. They are hitting the UK because they are chancers. Shoot them on sight.
– Anyone trying to jump a border illegally should be considered an enemy invader and either imprisoned, deported, or shot depending on how much of a problem their race has been in the past.
– Every Leftist is harnessing evil emotions and their claims to noble emotions like love, equality, tolerance etc are deliberate bullshit. The younger the Lefty, the more wiggle room they have due to being too young and stupid to have the self-knowledge that this process is happening.
– Most Western politicians of the past 40 years are not merely incompetent or corrupt, but they are literally treacherous and should be executed. This includes the ones in office right now.
– Obama is clearly a f****t.
– Palestine can be understood by looking at the average age of their population: 17.
– I’ve yet to meet a pro-Palestinian in the Europe who wasn’t a fool or a knave.
– After having travelled to every continent, I can safely say Europe is the best place in the world and it has the best people.
– You can understand why a country is in the plight it’s in just by traveling there and observing it’s people. Historical factors (e.g. colonialism, war) are maybe 20% to blame. Mostly it’s just the people are fuckwits.
– Any time I play Civilisation, I always ignore the Win conditions and just build a nuke to drop on Pakistan at the earliest opportunity.

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