A neoreactionary Vatican


In a previous post I confessed my newfound love for God as interpreted by Catholicism – basically because I like the idea of a hierarchy that flows downwards from God to the pope to the people. A society guided by God’s natural law is a society guided by the lowest time-preference possible. I argue once again that that is the end goal of Nrx. This is the teleology which (the Brahmin part of) Western society grasped for so many centuries but lost during the recent ones.

Naturally it is an idealistic construct. First and foremost, power brokers tend to be more into Gnon than into God. After all, Gnon clearly communicates his will on a daily basis. God on the other hand only communicates with us through a select couple of people and, well, most of these people are justifiably on anti-psychotic medication. So if it takes a psychosis to experience the Divine, what does that make of our holy hierarchy?

Catholics take the pope (and per extension his inner circle) to be deeply religious.  At the very least he is expected to take Jesus Christ’s status as son of God for granted, resurrection and virgin birth included. E.g. he is expected to be slightly psychotic. On the other hand he is also expected to be a spiritual leader of millions, a figurehead people can proudly quote at parties. He should not rock the boat for unnecessary reasons. He is expected to be trustworthy. If the Vatican is too psychotic they will be accused of being holier than Jesus. But if the Vatican is too trustworthy, too neutral… Well that brings us to our current day situation.

As we can see, a hierarchy based upon a non-verifiable deity is always forced to navigate the dangerous line between psychotic and trustworthy, perhaps in some way like how a chick must navigate the line between the crazy/hot scale lest she not get dumped.

All of this is basically just a very long introduction into addressing Nick’s comment in the previous post:

“A neoreactionary Vatican would just be a regular old Vatican. Whether we can get that back remains to be seen.”

I have been thinking this over and my inclination is to disagree. A neoreactionary Vatican would have specific safeguarding mechanisms in place to keep it from sliding down the leftist scale. Or to put it in Moldbug’s language: if Nick’s assertion were true then the Vatican should have developed specific antibodies against progressive ideology. This however is not the case – C.S. Lewis is more popular than Jim. I therefore conclude that the Vatican De Facto was never neoreactionary, or at least not sufficiently so.

I imagine it will not be too hard for the holy hierarchy to make these adjustments in the future: let the societal breakdown continue for a couple of decades and bishops will likely draw their conclusions. A permanent change in the immune system might be slightly harder though. The Vatican will probably go with trustworthy over psychotic time after time, using the understandable argument that nor the old Testament nor Jesus explicitly mentioned how to effectively handle feminists/Africans/Muslims.

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