In defense of Sinterklaas


Let’s do a change of pace and write this post in English – this will not only serve to make me seem international but it will also be a chance to show the neoreactionary crowd that I am not always taking their concepts and literally translating them into Dutch.

Tomorrow will be the 5th of December. A day just like any other you might say, but in the Netherlands the 5th is a festive day dedicated to the birthday of Sinterklaas. Who is Sinterklaas? Well, as the story goes, Sinterklaas is an old wise man from Spain who visits us annually to give presents to the good children. Naughty children however are taken away to Spain in a big sack – Sinterklaas has a big book in which all this is written down.

You might imagine the horrendous logistical task upon which Sinterklaas embarks: Taking notes of who is naughty and who is bad, travelling to the Netherlands by a steamboat, making sure all the children get their presents in one night… Not even to mention taking care of his white horse, Amerigo, upon which he gallops over the rooftops! Luckily, Sinterklaas has some helpers: an army of Black Pieters. And herein lies the problem: Sinterklaas, as progressives are increasingly pointing out, is racist.

Up until a couple of years ago this was not really an issue. Sure, foreign students would laughingly point out the strange Dutchmen with their strange Sinterklaas slavery tradition, but we went on to celebrate anyway. Media attention has however escalated in recent years, up till the point where this year I notice people actually ignoring Sinterklaas as it has become such a politically loaded subject.

By and all, the Dutch are a fairly straight-minded people – many either don’t care or don’t like the attention that is being put upon the racistness of Sinterklaas. But Ctulhu moves as Ctulhu moves, and as such Dutch people suddenly find their Sinterklaas tradition being attacked. Scrambling to defend Sinterklaas, mainstream pro-Sinterklaas arguments abound to the following:

  • The Pieters are not black, it is soot from the chimney
  • The children don’t know about the whole racist angle.

Essentially, the Dutch mainstream defence of Sinterklaas amounts to ‘Sinterklaas isn’t racist!’ The problem with this is twofold:

  1. Besides whatever the Pieters are meant to be, no one in their right mind can claim that a white bearded man with a legion of blackface painted men is not racist. Sinterklaas has some serious racist tendencies. Basically, Sinterklaas is racist.
  2. By not acknowledging the racistness of Sinterklaas Dutchmen implicitly acknowledge a very important progressive tale: racism is bad. Thus they in fact agree with the progressives and have no real ground to argue upon. It’s the cuckservative/democrat division imported from the US all over.

Thing is, in order to really defend Sinterklaas one needs to own up to the tradition, which in the current zeitgeist is impossible. If Dutch families want their annual moment of intimacy Sinterklaas will have to evolve into a two-fold tradition in which not only the children learn a valuable lesson about being well-behaved, but the parents also learn a valuable lesson about how black pieters apparently function very well and happy when under the guidance of Sinterklaas.

Naturally I have heard absolutely no one making this argument and I expect I will not see it being made any time soon. I am afraid this round will go to the progressives.

8 thoughts on “In defense of Sinterklaas

  1. What’s up Alf!

    I was wondering if you agree with me that following your line of thought you would come to the following premisses:

    ‘parents also learn a valuable lesson about how black pieters apparently function very well and happy when under the guidance of Sinterklaas’

    1) blacks are supposed to be led by Whites. Sinterklaas leads as an example that they thrive and are happy when in a subordinate role.

    ‘By not acknowledging the racistness of Sinterklaas Dutchmen implicitly acknowledge a very important progressive tale: racism is bad’

    2) Racism is good. Race serves as a distinctive feature that categorizes people not only on physical features but also on talents and capabilities

    While I am thinking about this subject a scene from Django unchained jumps into my mind: Leonardo DiCaprio showing the skull of a long dead slave from which he finds proof (through a a dimple in the back of the bone) that negroes are more docile and servile than Whites.

    My point here is that you seem to make dangerous assertions. There are countless examples in history of extreme suffering of the human species that were motivated and legitimised by exactly the kind of thought that you display in these sentences. Whether its true or untrue is not important. It seems to me that if you wish to create an environment that minimises the chance of being victimised by a pogrom, ethnic cleansing action or wrongly rejected on the base of your appearance instead of your skillset, According to you, is there a danger that follows ‘racist’ thinking? And if so, how do you think it should be dealt with?

    1. Hey B-Fresh, good to hear from you.

      Racism is a tricky word. It may refer either to:
      1 – biological differences between races
      2 – prejudice

      In practice however racism always refers to #2. Call someone a racist and you immediately discredit that person, thus eliminating the possibility to even talk about meaning #1.

      Meaning #1 is important. From Neoreactionary perspective it is even so important that societies will fall apart if they do not take these differences into account – <– nice example through Nick B Steves.

      So yes, prejudice in the category of Quentin Tarantino's DiCaprio happens. But the opposite is way more dangerous (on a societal level). Fav quote from Nick Krauser: "When someone scolds you for "prejudice" they are really saying "don't trust your brain's finely-evolved pattern recognition system."

  2. My take on good ol’ Sint is: slavery was practiced over the whole world since the beginning of time, and ended by the European Christian tradition. It’s tradition, which is important for a cohesive society and the kids don’t care so stop whining.

    Goh, een NL NRx-er. ‘t Moet niet gekker worden. Altijd fijn om te weten dat je niet alleen bent. Ik vond trouwens vandaag deze site via Nick B. Steves, en hou ‘t vanaf nu in de gaten.


    1. John, I agree but I would add that the racist angle has to be adressed in the sense that if a tradition is not explicitly right-wing it will be hijacked by the left. Which is exactly what is happening right now.

      Insgelijks met het weten dat je niet alleen bent. Cheers!

      1. true, they play the race card and there’s something to be said for it if you’re not familiar with history and the way of the world; which is 99% of all people. But like you also mentioned, I have the impression Dutch people in general don’t care for it that much, but you can see that the MSM is trying to push this ‘muh feeeeelz’ agenda. I hope it doesn’t catch on too much.

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