Over de natuur van vrouwen, deel 2: Vrouwen hebben het moeilijk

depressed woman

Ik houd van vrouwen.

Je zou misschien het verkeerde beeld van mij kunnen krijgen doordat ik genadeloze posts over vrouwen kan schrijven, maar ik houd van de vrouwen in mijn leven. Waar ik wél een hekel aan heb zijn leugens. Het plaatsen van vrouwen op een voetstuk is zo´n leugen. Een wijdverspreide leugen zelfs, eentje die zo diep in onze samenleving is gegraveerd dat slechts het wijzen naar de waarheid haat oproept bij veel mensen. Niemand houdt van het jongetje dat hardop vraagt waarom de keizer geen kleren aanheeft.

Maar de waarheid is niet haatdragend. Vrouwen zijn geen engeltjes, maar het zijn ook geen hoeren. Sterker nog, vrouwen hebben het zwaar. Nu kan ik schrijven waarom dat zo is en waarom ik met vrouwen mee voel, maar LaidNYC is me al te snel af geweest en heeft hier een fantastisch stukje over geschreven. Zijn blog alleen bestaat niet meer dus copy/paste ik die hap gewoon lekker hier. Geniet.

I Have Empathy For Women by LaidNYC

I wouldn’t trade being a man for anything. It would SUCK to be a girl.

A lot of men in the manosphere seem to take a COMBATIVE tone in sex debates, they debate as men vs. women as if we’re in competition. For me, nothing could be further from the truth. I never debate, I just state facts, and I empathize greatly with women for being on the unfortunate end of a large number of those biological facts.

For example, if you are a girl:
– You are attracted to people that can kill you (Imagine being exclusively attracted to grizzly bears.)
– Almost your entire worth is based on the genetic beauty lottery.
– Even if you win the beauty lottery, your worth is in constant decline and has an immutable expiration date. A hot 23 year old wakes up and knows that is the hottest she will look for the rest of her life. Imagine getting progressively creepier to women every day and there’s nothing you can do about it?
– You are incapable of rational thought
– You lack strength and suck at everything
– Your goal is commitment from a man, but you are attracted to men who won’t commit to you, and not attracted to those who would worship you. This isn’t a choice, its encoded in your genes.
– If you are attractive, you are bothered by unattractive people all the time. (imagine fat chicks constantly approaching you). If you are not attractive, you are fucked.
-Your ability to orgasm isn’t a birthright, it may be really easy or really dicult or even impossible.
-Each new sexual partner you have decreases your worth as a potential long-term mate (and if you’re unlucky, nobody counsels you about this. Your parents, family, and friends may soothe you with feminist lies until its too late)
-You get random waves of emotions that are irrational and could even bring you to tears.
-You are expected to simultaneously be sexually skilled and chaste/inexperienced.
– Childbirth, menstruation, etc.

You see, there is male privilege but its not a wage gap or special treatment or double standards. It is biology that can’t be changed. No matter how inconvenient a feminist slanted world can be, there is no HR policy or act of congress that can make women equal biologically.

In one way it is better to be a woman: sex is easier for a woman to get while she’s young. Keep in mind though: Sex isn’t a woman’s primary goal, commitment is and that is still challenging, and men can increase their ability to get laid with game and rises in status. Women have no such ability. There is no battle of the sexes because there’s already a clear winner. Its good to be the king.

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