Rollo on a roll

“One of the most common disconnects men encounter with the Red Pill for the first time is equating the term Alpha with its usage in describing the mating habits of Lions, Wolves or Silver Back Gorillas. It’s easy to ridicule or simply dismiss a valid, but uncomfortable, Red Pill truth when you’re simplistically comfortable in defining ‘Alpha Male’  in literal etymological terms.

This is the first resistance blue pill men claim they have with the Red Pill. They have no problem understanding and using abstractions for blue pill concepts they themselves are ego-invested in, but challenge that belief-paradigm with uncomfortable red pill truths and their first resort is to obstinately define Alpha (as well as Hypergamy) in as narrow, binary and literal a sense as they can muster.”

– Rollo Tomassi, Alpha tells (nadruk van mij)

Wederom slaat Rollo Tomassi de spijker op de kop.

Nog wat mooie quotes uit z’n post:

“women, on a limbic level, expect men to be Men.”

“80%+ of modern men have been conditioned (or otherwise) to exemplify and promote a feminine-primary, supportive Beta role for themselves and as many other men they can convince to identify more with the feminine.

The Beta mindset isn’t so much one of adopting a feminine mindset as it is a deference to, and the support of, a feminine-primary worldview.”

“The sexual alphaness of a male towards a female is exhibited by her wanting to please him, and the sexual betaness of a male is exhibited by him needing to please her.”

“There’s a look, an attitude and a presence women will give to Men for whom they have a natural deference to.”

Lees vooral die laatste 2 quotes goed na. Ze geven de belangrijkste reden waarom een objectief gesprek aangaan met de meeste mannen over alfa & beta zo moeilijk is: ze hebben zelf nog nooit het geluk ervaren van de submissieve, meisjesachtige houding van een vrouw die je wilt bevredigen. Dan is het ook moeilijk je dat voor te stellen. Logisch – persoonlijke ervaring gaat altijd boven abstracte praat.

Maar dezelfde vrouwen die zij ervaren als rationeel & koel? Zij zijn lief, aanhankelijk en nat tussen de benen in het gezelschap van alfas.

Such is life.

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