Het narratief van democratie

this is not real

“When it comes to the formal governance process proper, of course, few are actually in the loop.  Just as pornography can stimulate the human sex drive without providing any actual sex, democracy can stimulate the human power drive without providing any actual power.  But one of the problems with American democracy today is that it’s far too constant.  It’s like a single page ripped out of Playboy, pinned up in your prison cell.  Fifty years ago it was still enthralling, even though your forebrain may have known it was meaningless.  But eventually even your hindbrain figures out that it’s just a piece of paper with some ink on it.  And it sure doesn’t help that your forebrain knows the real lady in the picture, while real and actually female, is actually on Social Security by now.”

– Mencius Moldbug, Unqualified Reservations


De man is een filosofisch genie. Maar hij is nogal eccentriek. Als zijn kilometerslange essays teveel voor je zijn is deze’samenvatting’ misschien praktischer: http://www.socialmatter.net/2014/09/05/necessity-religion/

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