Mijn eerste post in andermans woorden


“thing is, social dominance is an arms race, with an implicit hierarchy. The man who demands and gets more from others is dominant, and not everyone can be dominant. As such, there will always be a small minority of men that can establish attraction through a purely social context. Other contexts which might otherwise be relevant in a more patriarchal society and which would provide men with otherwise low social attraction a greater chance to have comparative advantage over the alphas are irrelevant to a woman who has no present interest in finding a husband; if you don’t need to vet the man as a long-term provider, all that matters is raw sexual attraction. Absolute advantage in social attraction then dominates the market share for pussy.

The effects, as in the market, are the same in respect to the occurrence of sexual intercourse. First, the alphas who have absolute advantage will have a windfall pussy profit. Second, the betas and less will have even less pussy than they otherwise would have had. Third, this is a huge inequality. Fourth, the total amount of sexual resources, aka pussy, being dedicated to men falls.” 

– Bryce Laliberte,  Comparative Advantage, the Inequality of Pussy Distribution, and the Sexual Market

mijn eerste post: Game is essentieel voor de vandaag levende Westerse man

 De titel van deze post impliceert trouwens een vergelijking die niet klopt. Het zijn niet ‘andermans’ woorden, het zijn ‘beter verwoorde’ woorden. Fuck it. Publiceer post.

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