Mythologie, Civilisatie en Vrouwen

“The ideas that arose in ancient culture should be taken seriously. They represent not mere accidents, but must be analyzed as ideas essential to that culture’s prosperity.

Consider the Israelites and the Greeks.

In Genesis, we learn that Eve, first woman, paradigm woman, representative woman, is the first human to sin. That is no accident: the writers of Genesis, whether or not you think they were inspired, were not making a woman the first sinner by chance. The story should be read as giving an explanation for a fact that the writers of Genesis believed, i.e. women are fucking scary. Oh, and Adam was a huge beta. Moral of the story? Keep your woman on a tight leash, because if you let her out and about, she will meet the Deceiver, and he will deceive like hell. It’s a story that warns of hypergamy in women, and this literally right after the Jewish cosmogony. First things first, God created the world; second, women will screw you over if you’re not in charge.

And the Greeks? Helen of Troy is the lady who’s face launched a thousand ships… to war. A ten year war that saw the downfall of a number of dynasties and legacies and the death of thousands. Why? For stealing away from her husband Agamemnon, the king of the Achaeans, to Paris. The king! A woman couldn’t have had it better, and still the hypergamous impulse comes out. Hell, she even knows that doing so will prove great ruin for everyone else. Do not doubt the insidiousness of hypergamy.

Virtually every lesson concerning women in ancient mythology comes down to that: women are scary, so keep them on a tight leash, because otherwise they will destroy everything you hold dear.”

– Bryce Laliberte, Explaining Majoritarian misogyny 

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