So I stumbled upon this MPC thread on Jim’s blog. I was curious to see how the supposedly cool red pill men view Jim. Seems they don’t like him.

I liked the reference to the Dork Enlightenment. I laughed at the accusation that Jim abuses the comma like it’s an underage girl. But overall the thread exudes male insecurity.

The main accusation seems to be that Jim is a sex-craven pervert. Jim’s writings indeed include gems like ‘if it goes up, it goes in‘ and ‘if ten year old girls were not restrained, most of them would be banging thirty and forty year old men‘. So lets talk about that.

A very consistent trait of men is that they do not like to discuss their weaknesses. Displays of weakness lower status. Most of men’s weaknesses are with sex and women: when sexuality is concerned we are but simple beasts, crude and weird in a myriad of ways. Yet sex and women make up a major part of our lives. So what do we do when the topics come up? We bullshit. It is as simple as that.

Men lie about their sexual conquests, lie about their competence with women, lie about the size of their (e-)penis, lie when they put on their white knight armour and rail to the defence of supposedly chaste women.

Jim, quite simply, is honest. You may accuse him of abusing the comma and abusing hyperbole, but that’s about it (I’ve never seen 10 year old girls banging older men, but I do observe teenage girls obsessing over sexy men).

We’ll end by using the below girl as a Schelling point.


Supposedly, no one at MPC would give her the time of day. Yet my experience with men of all stripes and sizes tells me they bang girls like her all the freaking time. Are you telling me that the internet forum guys at MPC are so cool that they only bang 9s and higher? And they call us the dorks? I mean, come on.

The Theatre of the Mind

Back in the Manosphere days there was an interesting transition in internet consciousness from Game to the Dark Enlightenment. Men were knocking heads together trying to figure out reality, predictably propelled forward by the urge to stick their dicks in women. As it turned out there was a good answer: be an asshole, or even better, be a serial killer. Thus man invented game and thus the puzzle of how to get laid was solved.

The problem was that game lead to dark implications, e.g. why are women naturally attracted to serial killers? Offline consciousness simply refuses to acknowledge such dark truths for offline consciousness strives to smile and nod, but truth once seen cannot be unseen. So men set out to reconcile online consciousness with offline consciousness.

Ricky Raw was such a blogger. One of his psychological insights was that humans project their identity as they see it. People do not want you to like them for who you are, people want you to like them for who they think they are. If who you are reflects who you think you are there is little problem, but if your projected self image is different from who you really are you are bound to get in trouble. No one likes a poser. This is the difference between the true self and the false self.

No where is this so obvious as in a narcisstic/co-dependent relationship dynamic. In such a relationship the narcissist lives as if he (or she) is the main character in his own movie and the co-dependent lives as if her (or his) only purpose is to serve in said narcissist’s movie. One wants to be admired, the other wants to be needed. Both pretend to love the other but both merely use each other to fulfil their own identity fantasy. Very emotionally draining.

Now Ricky had an extensive solution to resolve the problems created by the false self. Although he had lots of good advice, the fact that he had an extensive solution revealed his inability to completely come to terms with the darkness of reality. ‘There is a problem but no worry, we can fix it!’ Nope, some things you just can’t fix. The serial killer will remain a sexy narcissist and his fangirls will remain co-dependently in love with him, no matter how much psychoanalysis you throw at them. That is the dark part about the dark enlightenment.

Let me elaborate. I talked about prophets selling enlightenment. Why do they do it and why is it so successful? Because we crave optimism. We want a happy and meaningful narrative. When Ricky digs up this dark stuff about the many ways in which human nature is fucked up, his natural instinct is to spin it in such a way that gives hope. So like the famous psychologists he quotes he tells us we have a the false self and a the true self, which we might reconstruct as our unenlightened self and our enlightened self. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Ricky said that you may unlearn the behaviours of your false self and discover your true self. Shakespeare however said that all the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players acting their part. I’m with Shakespeare: there is no false or true self; just the self. Sometimes the self is dysfunctional, sometimes it is functional, but the self always merely is.

The Last Psychiatrist was a blogger from the same era who really understood this point. He covered the same subject, narcissism in the modern era, but in contrast to Ricky he offered no solution, just a never-ending mindfuck. This is the world, this is our narcissism, you had better accept it. We all are main characters in our movie, we care only about ourselves. This is why TLP’s pseudonym was Alone and perhaps why despite his amazing penmanship he always read like he was on the brink of a cynical breakdown.

The problem with truth is that it is cold. You might respond: ‘Alf, truth is not cold! It is devoid of emotion!’ I disagree. Truth outside human experience is neutral, but truth from within human experience is cold as ice. We are sacks of meat waiting to die and we don’t like it. This is why we constantly lie lie lie, to ourselves and to others. We dislike coldness, we crave warmth. Christian God provided some warmth, but Christian God is dead.

I recently had some conversations with a friend on serious topics. He said he feels disturbances in the world and this moves him to search for truth. So I gave him truth, for instance on the ongoing Islamic invasion. To this he responded ad verbatim: ‘you are probably right but I just don’t want to think that way about Islam.’ The cold truth did not serve him, so he discarded it. His honest dishonesty made me laugh.

The truth is that life has an inherent friction which begets the daily need for balance and moderation. The lie is that we can solve this friction by melting into something greater than ourselves. Christianity was an functional lie, progressivism is a dysfunctional lie. We are but actors on a stage wanting to act out our part, but our parts are progressively (heh) falling apart. Dysfunctionality is easy, functionality is hard, so perhaps we ought not to be surprised by this turn of events.

A serial killer gets women wetter than you do. Such it is and such it will always be.


For those wondering why no new posts in a while: I have an injury that makes writing longer blog posts a pain in the ass. I hoped for a quicker recovery but things are as they are. I tried voice to screen methods but my English is too Dutch. So yeah, I’ll be back when things have improved slightly.

The Enemy

h/t Heartiste.

Speaker: “Today, you know, I saw a thing that said a lot of men, white men, are committing suicide. I almost thought, ‘yeah, great!'”
Audience laughs.

Yes, suicide rates are going up in the West. In the Netherlands it was 1500 suicides about 15 years ago, now it is up to almost 1900, the highest it has ever been in recorded history (for comparison, traffic death is about 750). More than twice as many men commit suicide than women. The suicide increase in the past years has mainly been an increase in men suicides. Divorce is the single biggest risk factor.

All of this is completely understandable when you observe how our elite, e.g. guys like the speaker in the clip, treat white males. Like they are expendable filth.

So speaking from the heart: fuck this guy, fuck his audience, fuck the fact that guys like him are the priesthood of the West. May he be hit in the face with a crowbar, dipped in tar and feathers and run out of town. Alternatively he could be given a thick rope so that he may practice what he preaches.

Watch it fall down

Last week The Passion aired on Dutch tv. The Passion is a yearly Easter tradition, a musical in which Dutch celebrities act and sing their way through Jesus’ life. In vapid modernity trends rarely keep our attention, so The Passion with its 6 years is relatively speaking a big deal for the number 1 privileged group in Holland, middle-aged white women, who are also desperately looking for PC traditions to fill the ever growing void of atomisation, Sinterklaas being far too racist.

Of course Jesus is black. I mean it’s 2017, amirite? And really, how much worse is it than 2016 when an atheist played Jesus? Well, there is perhaps one key move that makes 2017 Jesus the best new king of the progressives, for this year The Passion was sure to remind its audience several times that Jesus could have been a refugee — would YOU be so heartless to refuse refugee Jesus entry to your home?

Naturally, were Jesus to be alive today he would respond to The Passion like he responded to the traders in the temple, or how Moses responded when he saw his people were worshipping golden cows. Out out out! The Passion is no retelling of a story that shaped Western civilisation, it is a religious travesty in which Dutch celebrities jockey for attention and empty status points.

But Jesus is not alive today and neither is Christianity. The post-protestant hijacking has been successful; progressivism is firmly in control as the state religion of the West.

Well, firmly?

Not so firm. For progressivism is a branch of leftism, meaning it is the defection of the weak against the strong, of liars against truth-speakers, of children against parents, of women against men. Gnon rewards defection for he enjoys a good double-cross. But in the long run Gnon rewards adherence to natural law; the future belongs to those who show up. Leftists have won and are in control, but they do not know what to do with power just as children don’t know what to do with power. Well they do something with power but it is always some variation of Lord of the Flies.

Natural law, which affirms itself in relative freedom, is  that the right dominates the left, for the functional dominate the dysfunctional. See for instance the internet, where it is only with excessive censorship that Twitter chokes the dominant voices of the otherwise tiny Alt-Right.

Women shit-test men but it is with the expectation that men put them in their place, thus reaffirming the existence of natural law. Similarly the left shit-tests the right: hey guys, we are going to re-allocate billions of dollars from your pockets to these progressive causes, eeehmmm, you make sure everything still works okay? Since the right is indeed the side that makes sure everything still works you would expect the right to say no and put an end to the left’s silliness.

But the right has been thoroughly, thoroughly owned. Parasitism just proved too lucrative, especially in the post-industrial age. There was so much new stuff to go around! So the right betrayed itself, lured by the false promises of capital P Progress. Wir mussen progressieren!

Naturally there is no such thing as a free meal. The right finds itself in evermore ridiculous positions in which it is clear that the left says ‘squeal like a donkey!’ to which the right responds ‘would you prefer the American mammoth donkey or a provence donkey?’ This makes me conclude that there is no right left in politics, for the true right would never feel the need to squeal like a donkey, instead the true right would simply shrug and say: ‘you are the parasite and the parasite needs the host more than the host needs the parasite.’ That it is now the other way around, that the host needs the parasite, is dependent upon the parasite, is surely a sign of upcoming failure.

Soon we will see the day where attendance of the Passion is not only mandatory but the first viewer to stop clapping will be executed by means of head explosion.

Coming to terms with the ongoing Islamic invasion

Wilders has been pushed into a corner by the open-borders globalist coalition. Leader of the globalist coalition, Mark Rutte, tells us that ‘closing the Dutch border’ is a simplistic, divisive solution that will not solve anything. ‘Just be normal’ is his go-to solution. Last week two Dutch homosexuals had their front teeth knocked out by a group of Moroccan immigrants with a crowbar. Will Rutte personally tell these Moroccans to act normal? ‘Oh yes sir, we’re deeply sorry sir. What were we thinking swinging a fucking crowbar in the face of these infidel fags ehh good-meaning equal citizens! It won’t happen again, we promise!’ Rutte patronisingly shakes his head, his hands on his hips. Boys will be boys, he thinks to himself. He wags another finger, but no doubt the nation will sleep soundly knowing that Just Being Normal has yet again saved the day.

The Dutch Alt-Right now turns to Thierry Baudet, the intellectual version of Wilders’ lower class anti-Islam. Wilders eats herring with onions at the local fish seller’s stand, Baudet sips on an expensive wine while playing Mozart on his grand piano. In his first parliamentary speech Baudet stylishly spoke his first words in Latin: Quousque tandem factionem cartellum et officiorum machina patientia nostra abutitur, dum navis pretoria ressurectionis ad proficiscendum parata est. 

It is all very entertaining. The problem is of course that Baudet’s antiques are child’s play compared with the elephant in the room: Kuzu’s Turkish DENK party has more seats than he has. And Kuzu understands the game, knows how to play the cathedral: ‘That’s racist! Why are you being racist? Us, poor Turks, poor foreigners. You should be ashamed for this racism!’ 

So Wilders is countered by Rutte and Baudet is countered by Kuzu. The borders remain open and new hordes of Muslim men screaming for white pussy and infidel blood enter the country every day. What will happen? War? Submission? It is unclear. But an invasion is an invasion. We better find personal peace with it.

Less inspiration

I have less inspiration lately. This blog is mainly me expressing thoughts the way they arise. Part of a blog’s power lays in its separation from daily meatspace life, meaning I am free to express myself here in ways that might be considered heretic in real life. ‘Might be’ being key. You don’t know until you try. Some stuff you can pull off, some stuff you can’t. Mostly you can’t — it seems our elite is dead-set on the current path and the current path is ‘nope, you can’t’. The elite controls most stuff, therefore most stuff you can’t do. But they don’t control everything. In fact, the better a system functions, the less control they exert. So we’ve got that going, which is nice. Still it’s an overall shitty picture and we don’t like to hear about shitty stuff. We like possibilities.

NRx, the Dark Enlightenment and the Alt-Right are brimming with possibilities. That’s why some people love them, are obsessed by them. You may imprison my body but you can’t imprison my mind, proclaims the believer. And he is right. George Orwell may have written about authoritarian systems brainwashing dissenters into mindless obedience, but for such a system to work all the incentives have to line up perfectly and in the West they don’t line up. There is not enough property deprivation. Sure they try to take away your money, your property, your freedom and whatnot, but they operate mostly through manufactured emotional outrage and bureaucratic byzantism, not through systematic oppression. We live not in 1984’s Oceania but in a 1984’s failing Oceania.

So yeah, we can keep our ideas. It is too late to take them away; the theses have been nailed to the internet. We searched for truth and now we have found it, whatever it’s worth. Read Jim’s blog if you don’t believe me, although it is most likely that you will only read Jim’s blog if you already believe me.

The Warning

1 And king Trump ordered to close the borders of America so as to protect His people. And the corrupt courts overturned his order, for they were praying to Moloch, false idol of Progressivism. Scott Aaronson, prophet of Progressivism, said onto his people: “let us praise the judges, for no outsider should be refused entry unto our land.” And Mencius

5 Moldbug stepped forward and said: “any man that does not protect his borders is no man at all. Any king that does not protect the borders of his country is no king at all.” But Aaronson proclaimed: ‘Science is on our side!’ and continued to praise the judges. Then Jim stepped forward and said unto Aaronson: “you, Scott Aaronson, pray to scientism, not science. You worship false idols that would see the destruction of our people and in

10 the end you and your children will be given helicopter rides to the ocean. And Aaronson banned Jim for helicopter ride talk. Thus the warning was ignored.

In the mind of Scott Alexander

Guided by the Beauty of Our Weapons


Recently a renowned academic concluded that rightists are stupid and do not listen to facts. For instance, we all know Trump is a factually bad person so it makes sense to conclude that his supporters are stupid and do not listen to facts. Similarly, enough facts support global warming so those that ignore it are also stupid and do not listen to facts. The renowned academic therefore concludes that we should not use facts, just propaganda. Clearly this academic is intelligent. I am not surprised: naturally we are better educated, smarter and more intelligent than the right. At the very least you, my readership are, wink.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if rightists are really immune to facts.


Another renowned academic says that because rightists are impervious to truth we have no choice but to resort to violence. He may very well be correct, yet I can’t help but wonder if we really have exhausted all our other options. For instance, I have rightist readers on my blog and their comments indicate that my friendly use of facts is having a positive impact on their lives. Perhaps there is a third way after all!


Sadly, the world is not like my blog. But perhaps it could be. Do you know the story of how a group of scientists were fighting each other over research but in the end made peace and collaborated on an even better research? What if journalists did the same thing? Wow, mind blown.


So one group of leftists says we need propaganda. The other group says we need violence. I say these are the easy way out. Instead we need good conversation with logic and facts. Yes, very few people are persuaded by logic and facts (unlike you, my dear readership) but as history, science and truth are on our side there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we stick to telling the Scientific Truth. After all, both sides may have guns, but only our side has the Scientific Truth!


Many lefties say righties are immune to logic. I say that no one is totally immune to logic. It often takes decades of education before one can even start to understand all the ways in which Trump is a bad person, but this should not dissuade us from talking truth. Take heart my fellow smart leftists, we must be in this for the long run!

Magic and Miracles

The best lies are those that contain a kernel of truth. The Enlightenment was a great lie because it contained a great kernel of truth, namely the idea that the age of magic was over.

When I read the bible, not a page goes by where the power of God and His people is reaffirmed by some kind of miracle. Split open the seas, turn water into wine, raise people from the dead, it’s all in an average bible day. This feature of religious magic pervades through all religious figures, e.g. Taoist Laozi exiting his mother’s womb as a full-grown man and Islamic Mohammed making trees move on his command. Even Buddha is a magical figure; In Asia you will find Buddhist temples with big murals teaching locals how Buddha could like totally fly and killed a dragon. (to the extent Buddha is not magical people do not really take him serious).

In the old world where God’s influence was thought to be directly observable it makes sense that miracles are real. If your God can’t even magically heal the sick, why should I join your religion?

The post-enlightenment answer to that question is that God never magically healed the sick. You were just being fed comforting lies. Mind you, they were often effective lies; the placebo effect is real. But the placebo effect can be scientifically reproduced, whereas the James Randi one million dollar prize for proof of the paranormal has remained untouched for 50 years.

Magic is a cool word for ‘stuff we don’t understand’ and the whole point of religion is making peace with life by finding a way to deal with things you don’t understand (like pretending to understand them). Hell, the more magic your religion incorporates the better: it convinces people! Lets go Jesus, you still gotta run 10 kilometers to cross this lake so you can divide a loaf of bread to feed a crowd and perform magic eye surgery so 5 blind people can see again!

But we in modernity have passed that point, or necessarily have to pass that point if we like to be a space-exploring sci-fi society. Science replaces miracles. And the enlightenment philosophers knew it. ‘Welcome to the Age of Reason!’ they proclaimed as the first trains roared through the countryside and the first planes soared over the oceans. ‘Observe how the planes fly, not through God’s hand but through OUR hands!’ Yes, science dispelled magic. But just like man can not live without emotions, he can not live without religion since the mere existence of life is magic. The 18th century philosophers no doubt ran into this problem when they tried to sell their ideas. It was only by natural selection that they found a way around the problem: repackage the death of magic into a religion and proceed to sell it as the age of reason! You may say that they did not intend for their ‘rational’ thinking to devolve into current day progressive madness, but I say that Locke’s and Rousseau’s observation of human brains being blank slate souls reeks of such magic thinking that, like all leftists, at subconscious level they knew exactly what they were doing.

So I return to my previous post and say: old Christianity was made for a time of magical thinking and we have evolved beyond this. This does not make old Christianity wrong, in fact makes it more right than the enlightenment philosophers, for Old Christianity already provides moral truths consistent with what a few high IQ philosophers understand society needs. But it does explain why the West is losing its Christian faith on such unprecedented scale and why a religion that is ostensibly based on science is beating the crap out of a religion that is based on magic.