‘0% chance we shall work with Wilders’ says leader of Dutch Republicans

After we discussed the bloating bastion of cuck that is the Dutch mainstream right, right on cue the leader of the mainstream right, Mark Rutte, issued a statement that his party will never work together with Wilders’ party. Rutte’s reason? He indignantly stated that Wilders has been too disrespectful towards the independence of Dutch judges. Which is pretty much like Mitt Romney saying his party will not cooperate with Trump because Trump has been too disrespectful towards the independence of the American media. Wilders has been convicted in a sham trial by sham judges who ruled that immigration is not an important public issue and consequently branded Wilders as an evil racist. Wilders has every right to distrust the Dutch judicial system.

The problem of course is that Wilders needs the cuckservatives to rule. As previously discussed the ruling government coalition needs at least 76 out of 150 seats to rule. Wilders’ party right now is the biggest in the polls – a whopping 34 seats according to the Netherlands’ most trusted pollster, Maurice de Hond. Now Maurice has a recent history of explaining away the strange Brexit and Trump polls as ‘statistical variance’ so it is probably good to take his polls with a grain of salt, but even the best case scenario will have Wilders at maybe 45 seats. Still a minority.

It seems the cathedral is uniting against its common enemy, closed-borders-Wilders, by having all parties publicly exclude Wilders as a possible coalition partner even if he ends up the biggest party. Looks to me that the young likeable Jesse Klaver of leftist party Groenlinks is being pushed as the anti-Wilders Schelling point.

But the cathedral parties are very splintered so I can not imagine them forming an effective coalition.

Here’s Maurice’s latest poll, see if you can form a working coalition! Remember, you need at least 76 seats!

PVV (Wilders’ worse than Hitler party) – 34
VVD (Rutte’s cuckservatives) – 24
Groenlinks (literally Green Left) – 16
CDA (leftist cucked Christians) – 16
D66 (leftist student party) – 14
SP (socialist party) – 11
50+ party (literally a party for old people) – 10
PvdA (leftist workers party) – 10
CU (slightly less cucked Christians) – 5
PvdD (the party for the animals, yes this is an actual party) – 4
SGP (hardcore protestants) – 3

Which leaves 3 leftover seats, likely Denk (pro-Turkish party) will claim a few of those or possibly VNL which is a direct rip-off of the American alt-light.

Interesting times ahead, and I mean that in the most Chinese way possible.

The Dutch right are leftist libertarians

A few weeks ago I had a realisation and I think it is worth to share.

In Holland the mainstream right, the VVD (the Dutch Republicans you might say), call themselves ‘de liberalen’, aka the liberals. This is confusing because in the United States the liberals are left-wing. What gives?

Traditionally I have always been told that the different interpretation of Dutch liberals and American liberals is proof that words truly have different meanings everywhere and that you just can’t compare one system with the other. In other words, I was told typical leftist boilerplate.

What seems closer to the truth is that both types of liberalism descended from the French revolution. Napoleon was defeated, but the meme of rational freedom was still alive and it was the liberals who employed it to end Dutch monarchy (Thorbecke was a liberal). So you’d say the liberals were most definitely leftist but that’s not how things worked out. See, the liberals had competition from the Marxist inspired socialists. Spandrell’s GT module (or may I promote my superorganism post?) tells us that people seek status relative to others, thus Dutch liberals defined themselves in opposition to the even more leftist socialist parties. Which left liberals in the strange spot in which public opinion calls them rightist whereas in truth they were just less left.

The VVD believes in liberal values such as gender equality, the suppression of Christianity and racial equality, but at the same time they are the right-wing alternative to what they call leftist nonsense. This is why they also attract more K-selected people, who still adapt to the GT-module but instead stress individual freedom, freedom of enterprise and freedom of markets — libertarians. This is why the VVD oftentimes has such a schizophrenic policy.

The problem with libertarianism is of course that it is evil. It is right-ish men throwing their hands up saying: ‘it is not me you’re after, you must believe me, I am not worse than Hitler!’ and as a consequence allow horrific things to happen under their watch. But libertarianism has always been slightly more niche. The other, liberal side of the party is more mainstream but also more actively involved with the globalists in flooding the Netherlands with refugees (see Holland’s current VVD prime minister). So the Dutch VVD voter has 2 shades of choice: Rutte’s liberal leftism or Bolkestein’s libertarian leftism. Let us pray voters don’t fall for this nonsense any longer.

RSD’s purple pill, one last time.

So I used to be in an inner circle. The kind that RSD, the biggest company in the PUA industry promoted. RSD is still standing, my old inner circle not so much. RSD, for those single men interested, offers neatly packed purple pills for mass consumption. Roosh, Heartiste and Rollo Tomassi offer much better information but in all honesty they just don’t deliver the slicked neatness of RSD. I mean, RSD is scamming you, sure, but it’s a scam they’ve worked very hard on (as they are apt to repeat in every seminar). There were guys in our circle who paid up to €2000,- for a weekend bootcamp by 1 RSD guy with slightly above average game. 2000 euros!

Now I am not saying that these guys didn’t throw away their money because they did. But I am saying that there is no need to feel bad about yourself if you’ve paid thousands of dollars to self-proclaimed success coaches. Quite the contrary: congratulations, you’ve been scammed by the best.

See, most people are too scared to act out their passions. Fear is an activity blocker for people, an inertia mechanism designed to avoid unnecessary risks. You, however, acted beyond your fears even with polite society telling you your masculine urges are toxic and evil. Which tells me I can trust you because you have put skin in the game concerning your own masculinity.

Unfortunately trusting RSD does not translate into banging a bunch of hot chicks, because RSD scams (it turns out society is not the only one socially conditioning you). The problem with a good scam is that you can rarely convince people who are in the process of being scammed that they are being scammed. A scam requires 2 to dance. It is only in hindsight, after people have spent thousands of dollars and find themselves in the exactly the same spot they were in before that they are amenable to your insight. People search for explanations fitting their personal situation, not the other way around.

But if by lucky coincidence you find yourself amenable to my insight, let me offer you the following. Let’s say I know the secret to life. I easily seduce and bang hot girls. I have successful business rolling. I’m in perfect physical shape and I have a social circle that includes playing golf with Trump and wrestling bears with Putin. If all this were true, would I spend all my time cataloging my secrets for the public? For money?? Why would I? Perhaps it would interest me for a year or so as a side-project, but surely it’d bore me in the end. Only insecure men talk hours-on-end about the secrets of success. Secure men simply have more interesting thing to do. Now remind me how long Tyler has been doing what he has been doing. 15 years or so?

No doubt Scott Adams would do a better job de-hypnotising RSD-fanboys, but this will have to do. For those wanting me to simply piss on RSD:
– A man is only content when he owns a girl, e.g. when she belongs to him, bears his children and is not fucked by any other men (h/t Jim). RSD instructors do not own any girl, therefore are unhappy men and unqualified to help other men.
– RSD promotes girls’ promiscuity because they bang a lot of sluts. Chaste girls are high value but RSD claims they are equal in value to sluts in order to preserve crappy self-image.

The answer to a good scam is rarely to deconstruct the scam itself because it takes 2 to dance. Little effect in throwing yourself into the dance as third wheel. Better to let the scammer hang himself by his own noose. I have no doubt that Tyler generally is very sincere about his beliefs, e.g. he believes his own bullshit. Sure. Let him have it. Let him face the consequences of believing his own bullshit. That is all.

I just don’t really care about Jesus

Sometimes I talk to old ladies, the friendly kind that make you tea and stuff you full with cookies until you blurt out mwoh moh cwookies pls. Usually talk is light, sometimes talk is heavier, like religion. Many happy older women turn out to be devoted Christians. I get along with these people pretty well, because unlike most millenials I do not secretly despise religion so I praise the bible without sounding condescending. But inevitably we reach a point where I distance myself ever so slightly from the devoted Christian and that is where the friendly old lady starts to praise Jesus.

“The path to the Lord is through me” Jesus said. Faithful Christians take this very serious when they ask me if I have accepted Jesus into my heart yet. I realise I do not and likely never will. So far I have avoided saying this out loud to any old lady and I hope I will be able to do so, but it is the simple truth. When I look into glazing old lady eyes I see true faith; the conviction that Jesus cares for all of us, that God sent his only son to die for our sins and that we shall all be judged fairly in the afterlife and be reunited with our loved ones in heaven. I do not share this faith. Which, coincidentally, is how religions die.

The core problem is that Jesus just doesn’t really do much for me. I read the new testament and I admire Jesus the man (even if the miracles were a bit fishy). But what teachings does Jesus provide that actually help me out? I liked it when Jesus said he came not to bring peace but the sword, but it’s a line I never ever hear anyone say. Quite the opposite actually: A good Christian turns the other cheek, helps strangers, gets beaten to a pulp while feeling morally superior to the ones beating him to a pulp. So I live in an era where my people are being displaced with people from a hostile religion, where my elite hates me, where my people’s soberness has mutated into unbridled narcissism, but I guess I should just love everyone and all will be OK? It does not compute.

A religion has to be in tune with Gnon’s theology in order to thrive among the people. Jesus’ message of love was very effective when people lived in closed communities and cared for their neighbours. But modern transportation methods makes us all potential neighbours and some neighbours just don’t go together very well. Jesus telling you you should love your neighbour is in this sense not a strength but a weakness to be exploited by those who wish harm upon you. Which is exactly what is happening.

In short: Jesus had a 1800-yearish good run, but now he’s been cucked and I just don’t believe the path to the Father is through him.

Bill Maher’s dangerous tears

If we have learned one thing in the past years it is that rightists were breath-takingly naive on leftists. ‘Leftists are just misguided, they are good at heart!’ is what conservatives decry while civilisation around them crumbles further and further. Perhaps sixpack Joe leftists are good-intentioned people, but hardcore leftists know what they’re doing, have always known what they were doing. Similar to how the Allies hoped that Hitler would back off after they gave him Austria, rightists keep conceding ground to leftists hoping that they will back off. They won’t. Leftists can’t stop taking ground, because when 1 sixpack Joe leftist stops and starts thinking, 10 hardcore leftists will cry racist and cast out the traitor.

So a leftist will keep his mouth shut even when his eyes show him the absurdity of the situation. Similarly the most successful leftists are those who simply lack the ability for even the most basic sense of self-reflection. These hardcore leftists are not misguided, they are not good at heart. They are human machines programmed by Gnon to thrive on lies and chaos. These people know exactly what they are doing and in fact that is the exact reason why they are so successful. John Oliver fits this bill. Stephen Colbert fits this bill.  Bill Maher fits this bill.

Bill Maher lies through his teeth at every step. He lies about Trump’s twitter being taken away, he lies about how Trump appoints his cabinet purely in order to ‘fuck with us’ (classic leftist narcissism tell) and he lies about how Russia got Trump elected. “It is so beyond politics” he claims. No Bill Maher, this is exactly what politics is and what it’s always been. You’re a liar, that is all.

Still beneath the lies there is genuine communication. Bill Maher is scared. He is communicating that fear to other leftists: we used to be firmly in control, but Trump explicitly fights our controlDanger, danger! Rightists would be good to note his tone and remember it. This is the tone of war. An unavoidable war, because leftists like Maher simply lack the ability to back down.

In the long term leftists will lose as surely as the sun rises. They will be backstabbed by muslims, backstabbed by blacks and frontstabbed by rightists. Their cowardly nature makes it so that they fold in an outright confrontation. But in the short term leftists are still in power both in Europe and in the States (even when Trump presides over the temporary government, the permanent government is leftist). So… Watch your step. Don’t be naive.

To end on a positive note: notice how Maher describes Trump at 5:35. “What matters is his instinct to always retaliate to those who oppose you.” Maher means to insult Trump but his tone betrays subconscious respect. Leftists are like women.

Reflections on 2016

2016 has been an exciting year.

There is online life and there is offline life. For me offline life has mainly been a year of  clashing with cathedralites in all aspects of life. I wish I could have avoided some of that conflict, but I also wished I had started some of that conflict earlier instead of letting it simmer. Cut out the weakest links, start clean. Now that the year draws to an end the worst of my clashes also seemingly come to an end. I look forward to 2017 as a year of building and preparation for when the shit hits the fan.

Online 2016 has been a great year. Lemme pull a Cernovich and share some positive AlfaNL statistics.

  1. Views and Visitors


Clearly 2016 was much better than the previous 2 years. This in part is me writing better content, but it is also very much thanks to:

2. Referrers


Nick B Steves alone is responsible for ~20% of my blog’s traffic. Thanks Nick! Also thanks to Free Northerner, Brett Stevens and even Nick Land. Apparently a reaguurder linked to this piece of mine which I already hate (too spiteful, needs more Jim) which pushes GeenStijl into my referrer top 10.

3. Reader countries


No big surprises there. The US leads, but the Netherlands in a very decent 2nd spot. Good to see Belgium in there. Kind of surprised to see Singapore.

4. Most popular articles


Finally, what articles did best? Pizzagate did best, but I am not sure whether the clickable memes I added artificially boosted the amount of views. Personal posts on ReactionaryFuture, John Oliver and Spandrell did well. Leftism did well. And my Dutch post on the alt-right did well.

In conclusion; great success. Here’s to an even better 2017.


Miscegenation and cultural degeneracy

Watching Love Actually made me mull over the degenerate trash we are fed and expected to enjoy. It is crap. Worse, it is brainwashing anti-white propaganda crap. Is this the culture of my people? *Turns on tv, watches banking commercial of black man marrying white woman.* Yes apparently it is.

I get nazis when they drone on about white genocide and securing a homeland for white people. They see this shit and they get angry. It gets to me too. But not so much and less every day.

The thing about miscegenation and degeneracy is that culture is downwards from power. The masses consume a watered-down version of what the elite deems high-status. Our elite deems blacks to be magical and white males to be evil and they have deemed it so for quite a while. The newest Star Wars might seem like a steaming piece of Sith, but it is in fact a well-meant interpretation of progressive scripture. There is no deliberate conspiracy to brainwash young people, it is simply the evil of the elite remade for mass consumption. You might hate it but that’s because you’re a statistical outlier reading my blog. People’s sense of status is usually stronger than their sense of evil. After all, people willingly pay to see the new Star Wars movie.

The good thing about power above culture is that cultural degeneracy reverses come the restoration. The bad news is that I don’t see the restoration happening within our lifetime. But there is more good news: we can tune out a lot of the current cultural degeneracy. We have not yet reached the stage where our Orwellian masters strap us to our chairs, make us watch their filth and make us publicly declare how much we love it. Even though it often seems that way (suicides are rising). Just step away. Boycott people who hate you and start anew. It’s never too late.

Merry Christmas, for what it’s worth

I’m really not a miser when christmas is concerned, I promise. Christmas is fun and jolly and a great time of the year to spend with your family. Evolutionary speaking festivities at the start of winter make sense. Winter is cold and nasty and humans, like all animals,  prepare for it in advance. But humans have learned how to nail winter preparations so effectively that when the icy winds hit we are curled up in front of a crispy fireside drinking hot coco while the stereo plays uplifting songs. Simpler animals fear Father Winter, but us humans have little to fear. This is quite deservingly worth of celebration.

But while the underlying principle of successful winter preparation stays the same, the cultural significance of Christmas has changed. Mainly expressed through religion. Used to be pagan celebrations, now it’s birth of baby Jesus. Except it really isn’t anymore. No one cares about Jesus. People complain it’s all about materialistic stuff but I never find that to be true (except the material necessities for surviving winter which have always been a prerequisite for successful christmas celebrations). No, modernist christmas is all about about our current feelgood religion: progressivism. Christmas tagline: While you are opening presents around the christmas tree, millions of refugee children are starving! Let’s care for them. But people don’t really care about refugees, they care about status signalling. Thus while Christmas as always brings out the happy spiritual feelings in everyone, spirituality is screwed, ergo the image of Christmas as imagining all the people living life in peace is as narcissistic and empty as John Lennon was.

So I guess that puts me in Spandrell’s camp. To fix Christmas we need a new religion. I am not too sure about this Jordan Peterson guy, he uses too much psychological scripture for my taste but perhaps that is a post for a different time. At any rate, merry christmas everyone, may you spend the days in good health and with people you love.