Old religion vs New religion

Do we need a new religion? Koanic is of the opinion that the bible contains all the holy scripture we need. Nick Steves is likely of similar opinion, saying that instead of reinventing the wheel it is easier to reinstate a formal Christian church and limit the power of religion instead of inventing a new one.

I say religion changes. Religion, being a vector of human consciousness, changes, must change, as human consciousness changes. With change in environment comes change in religious demand, which is met by prophets. Jesus was a wise prophet even if he overkilled with his holiness which served as fertile ground for today’s protestant-progressive spin-offs in which everyone is holier than Jesus. We no longer have true Christianity, only false idols. What happened to Moses when he came down the mountain has now happened to Jesus, only Jesus is no longer around to correct the mess. So it is up to us. But we are in bad shape.

We may condemn heretics for misinterpreting biblical teachings, but it is an uphill battle, for not only are we fighting heretics like Scott Aaronson, we are also fighting entryists like Dalrock. Like Jewish brahmins, Christian brahmins engage in interpretation fights around ancient texts that are never resolved by wisdom and hence are only resolved by power. He who is darkly enlightened says ‘I have come to bring the sword. Deus Vult!’ But he is neutered by entryist who says ‘No no no turn the other cheek.’

So the bible no longer suffices on its own. It is a book filled with wisdom, but its wisdom falls short in explaining what to do with thousands of Muslim immigrants living in our lands, with an elite that is involved in Satanic rituals, with men who are retreating into solitary mancaves, with women who enjoy more power than ever yet have never been more helpless. To solve this mess, to give people hope after modern society crumbles, we need new scripture. For new scripture, need new prophet. Jim is the Solomon of our time (I’m sorry Jim, as Tolstoy wrote: Napoleon’s army was as much bound by Napoleon as Napoleon was bound by his army).

An upside of modernity is that it has never been easier to create new scripture. Computers + internet = instant scripture. The downside is we have too much information. Need to condense.

As for the question How To Holify? Holifying happens in retrospect, so it is a problem that solves itself. But we can nudge the process forward. The bible tells stories of people’s lives. New scripture should follow the same script, but perhaps it should focus on life on the internet. An internet religion.

The cold hard truth

“Because people are just empty vessels, looking for a kick.”
– Spandrell

The problem with Plato is that, just like Nietzsche, he snuck theological assertions into his philosophy. Plato’s cave tells us the story of people sitting in a cave watching shadows and mistaking shadows for the real life. The true philosopher, says Plato, is one who sees that the shadows are what others want you to believe, and that in fact real truth is only to be found outside the cave. Cast off your shackles, step out of the cave and bathe in the sunlight!

This ascendance Plato refers to has a lot of copycats in the world of prophets. Buddha sat below a tree and meditated until he was enlightened. Eckhart Tolle sat on a bench in a park for one year and then bam, he was enlightened. Ken Wilber talks about basic bitch tier 1 thinking and enlightened tier 2 thinking. Jesus’ disciples had the Holy Spirit descend upon them during Pentecost. Mohammed was visited by the angel Gabriel and henceforth became a prophet. Goku got so super pissed when Frieza killed his friend Krillin that he ascended to Super Saiyan. Neo became the One when he found true love. You see where I’m going with this?

In real life there never is an escape from the cave. Break free from one cave and you will end up in another cave. Understand the concepts of caves well enough and you may end up building your own cave like Plato did, who in retrospect was not selling us truth, just his own cave. Shit.

We are the all-seeing dirt of the world, the apex of earthly evolution. We are clever enough to reason the existence of God, but we are not clever enough to find a direct line to God. Schizophrenics are Gnon’s way of imitating lines to God, but I think it is safe to conclude that the voices prophets talk of are always a) inside their head or b) made up entirely.

I am not the only one coming to this conclusion. It is clear that the West is slowly learning about the absence of God. Used to be so that the rising of the sun was all that was needed to prove God’s existence, but no longer is it so. Our organising principles don’t hold up. A rule of thumb is that your principle has to stand up against gamma scrutiny. All modern gammas will gleefully tell you that God is stupid and that Jesus was just a kike on a stick. We seem to have passed the phase where magic is a valid way to explain life.

Nietzsche tried to solve the problem by pointing to man’s own responsibility. Nietzsche did not sell ascendance as in ‘seeing the lines’, but ascendance as in ‘Work Hard and Live Life to the Max’. Which sounded good on paper but in real life turned out to be too much to ask. People are lazy. They do what has to be done and that is all. Why care about being an übermensch? Imma watch me some youtube and then jerk off to some porn.

So we are in quite the pickle. On the one hand we crave a meaningful existence, on the other hand we reject the meanings given to us. We need a new religion, but we can not forge it in the same magical way old religions were forged. Mormonism for example requires its believers to pretend very hard that Joseph Smith was a wise prophet and not the scammer he in fact was, which is why I have a hard time believing Mormonism is the religion we’re looking for.

Post match analysis


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 12.09.24

PVV and VVD went head-to-head in the polls, but the absence of Wilders and the strong presence of Rutte resulted in a win for VVD. But compare with 4 years ago and VVD lost 8 seats, PVV won 5, so Wilders has nothing to complain about. Dissident brahmins predict Islamic immigration to be a civilisational ending problem, but as long as vaisyas do not see it happening directly around them they will stick with the official narrative. Still it is good to see the majority of the Dutch voting right.

Big big loser is PvdA. Leftism for blue collars is not the greatest sale in a post-progressive world. 4 years ago they were still the 2nd biggest party, but now the party has crashed like Clinton. Democracy is a fickle mistress.

The leftist parties have splintered as progressivism has splintered. Almost all of them have picked up a few votes, none of them stand out. The relatively big winner is GreenLeft, solely thanks to the Justin Trudeauness of Jesse Klaver.

The Christians have done decently. CDA leader Sybrand Buma has the right mix of naivety for leftists to feel superior to and trustworthiness for Christians to vote on. Even if God has left the Christian churches, rural Christians still make up a decent size of the demography.

Notable newcomer is Thierry Baudet of the FvD, a right wing intellectual who rails against Europe and the media/party cartels. He also doesn’t like islam. Wilders’ proleness is low status for right-wing brahmins, but Baudet’s snobbishness is not. Keep an eye on him.

The success of new Turkish party DENK is of course the big warning sign. How strange that the Netherlands would have a party in its parliament that in no way represents Dutch values. When reporters asked DENK’s leader Kuzu if he agreed with Erdogan that the Dutch are nazis and fascist, Kuzu shrugged his shoulders. And why should he care? It’s not like his fanbase cares.

Furthermore worth noting is that voting attendance is pretty good; 80% of the Dutch cast their vote. And in the category ‘no such thing as an honest democracy’: in Nijmegen the voting bureaus stayed open up till 3 hours after they were supposed to close. Nijmegen is prog territory. 🤔

As for the possible coalitions: a few crazy combinations are possible, but the most likely one is VVD, CDA, D66 and and CU. Which means cuckservative business as usual. Europe will limp on, the Netherlands will limp on. See you in 4 years!

Turks go onto the streets chanting Allah Akbar, Dutch fail to get the hint

In the first episode of the cartoon show Boondocks, young black Huey has a dream in which he speeches the following to a crowd of white people: “excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make. Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil and the government is lying about 9/11. Thank you. Good night.” The whites respond by screaming “NOOO IT CAN’T BE TRUE” as they break down in fighting and chaos. Huey is then slapped awake by his grandpa who wisely informs him: “you better not even dream about telling white people the truth!”

The real punchline however is at the end of the episode when Huey finds himself in front of an actual crowd of white people, where he speaks the same lines from his dream. The real life response? Laughter from the crowd: “hahaha look at that young man talking, doesn’t he have spirit!” Huey looks around in disbelief. White folks are not nearly as startled by the truth as he thought they’d be.

Erdogan wants to end democracy in Turkey but needs a democratic vote to do so. Lots of Turks live in the Netherlands so Erdogan sends over a minister to campaign. Prime minister Mark Cuckke, in a shocking turn of events, refuses entry to this minister. (Well maybe not so shocking since it is only 2 days until the election and he is in a neck-to-neck race with Wilders, but still: refusing foreigners entry is not his strongest suit.)

The whole ordeal is theatre politics at its finest. Erdogan is stepping out of the cathedral. The EU is the cathedral. Erdogan and the EU are having a divorce. The EU is in denial about this divorce, just like it is still in denial about Brexit. Erdogan is calling the Dutch government Fascists and Nazis to which Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the European Commission, carefully responds that the countries of the EU have talked it over thoroughly and after many hours have come to the agreement that calling the Dutch Nazis is not so nice of president Erdogan and if he could please take back his mean words.

There is a telling difference between the internet Alt-Right response and the general Dutch response. Alt-Right: “ERDOGAN IS DRIVING VOTERS TO WILDERS.” Dutch response: “Why is Erdogan being such an asshole? Well at least our prime minister is showing a spine.” In spite of what the international right hopes, very little changes in the polls.

Seeing hundreds of Turks in Rotterdam chanting Allah Akbar to me feels like Huey telling white people their worldview is wrong. But white people respond: “aah I’m sure there is an entirely legitimate reason for those people to shout Allah Akbar.” These people are correct in that Turks are generally an OK people and that there are ‘only’ half a million of them in the Netherlands. About a year ago I predicted a terrorist attack would happen in the Netherlands within a year, but it has not happened. But Islam in the end overshouts everything it touches. We are always ruled by a religion for religion is an unsolvable equation. Progressivism will collapse like Christianity has collapsed. But progressivism will collapse on a longer timeline, too long to make any difference for this election. For now Dutch goodwhites can laugh away the Allah Akbar silliness and block Wilders from becoming prime minister, even if his party becomes the biggest. This is my prediction for the election.

Dunbar Philantropy

Apparently there is a drought in East Africa. I know this because the media dedicates a big chunk of time showing images of hungry African kids with sad expressions on their hollow-eyed little faces, followed by a plea to donate money to Giro 555, a Dutch joint venture of NGO’s.

Now I am mildly surprised, because as far as I knew we had already donated billions and billions of dollars to African countries. For instance, Ethiopia, a country afflicted by the current drought, has according to that source received 3.5 billion dollars of developmental aid in 2013 alone, of which 147 million dollars was allocated for water supply. In 1 year! With napkin math I reason that Ethiopians have in 10 years time received 1 billion dollars specifically to prepare for droughts. But fast-forward and today there is a massive drought which Ethiopia apparently stands helpless against. Send more money! You’da thunk development aid would have helped the Africans prepare for exactly the kind of drought they are experiencing right now, but apparently it has not.

This pattern of charity money not doing what it is supposed to is nothing new: even in progressive circles it is accepted as fact that African aid money might as well have been thrown into a black hole. On the surface it seems simple: something bad happens and good white people want to help. But our help does not work. We have an altruism industry working around the clock, but it is completely defective. What is up?

The problem is you can’t go around Dunbar’s number. People are evolutionary wired to care first and foremost about their tribe. This goes for the givers and the receivers of aid. I recall a story of a Doctor Without Borders who trained Africans in Western medicine for a year. When he returned some time later he discovered to his shock no one was using the Western medicine and his trainees were in fact referring the sick to the local Voodoo man. ‘This is how we do’ was the explanation offered, which is of course the same explanation offered shoulder-shruggingly by corrupt warlords who buy cocaine and golden AK47’s with money donated by UNICEF. This is how we do in our tribe.

On the aid giver’s end, our end, dead children on tv are sad because we imagine it happening to us and our tribe. But we lack the wiring to give anything but a superfluous shit about other people’s tribe. While the ad runs we are all sympathy but once the ad is over we simply forget because we have enough worries in our own life.

The reason people care about [insert hip charity] is because people care about status signalling towards other people in their tribe. I am a good person, I care. Do you care as much as I care? This is not to say virtue signalling is by definition bad (for my part Bill Gates really does want to rid the world of malaria), but it is to say that the actual outcome of the aid is secondary to the feelz! invoked by charity status signalling. Essentially charity is people roleplaying that more people belong to their tribe than actually do.

This is why so many Dutch youngsters flock to Africa for a 3-month internship digging waterholes and teaching English to dem keedz, of which the long-term effect is comparable to getting a pig to fly. But that’s ok because the point was never to actually help Africans, the point was to make Dutch youngsters feel good about themselves so they can post pictures with blacks on Facebook and tell people how much they’ve learned being around less privileged people. The East African Drought Drive is simply the watered down version of this.

So you could make the case that charity is inherently stupid: the idea of charity is to do something good for people outside your tribe, but Dunbar philantrophy tells us you are wired to care only if it benefits your standing within your tribe.

King Trump

Long live president Trump, vivat rex. President Trump has time after time been underestimated by his opponents. He can not run for president! they said. He is a joke! He is stupid! He talks about women as if they are women! But time after time Trump outsmarted his enemies. And now he is president of the United States.

It is under the divine providence of Kek that the Alt-Right has memed Trump into the white house. But us of the dark enlightenment are in it for the long win and we ask ourselves: on the current path, what will happen in 8 years? With Trump no longer president, nothing good, we expect. So really the only question on our mind is: will Trump pull off a true election, which is to say: will he put an end to the bloating corpse that is democracy and crown himself king of the United States, God-Emperor of the West?

Trump has made it into the oval office, but everything Moldbug and Foseti wrote about is still true. The permanent state holds power, which Trump found out when the courts overturned his executive order to guard his nation’s borders. The permanent state has drawn its battle line and says: these are the rules, you better abide by them.

So what will Trump do? If abides by the rules, he will be Reagan. Which is not bad, but not that great. We will still be in the same mess 8 years from now. Probably closer to civil war. Trump’s only option to save America and the West is to break the rules the permanent state forces him to obey. He has to mount a successful coup.

There are some promising signs. See Trump’s effective takedown of the media. I hear CNN viewership is dropping like a stone. But the permanent state is more than the media. It includes academia, courts, bureaucrats and intelligence agencies. Trump says he’ll drain the swamp, fight the judges and he has warned the CIA to get rid of its fifth column. His fighting spirit is incredible. But will it be enough? Jim predicts a purge somewhere in the following months. I hope he is right and even if the next months don’t bring a purge I will stay hopeful. But honestly I don’t know. Perhaps we are far too optimistic and we should be grateful for the 8 years of preparation we receive. But hey, a man’s gotta dream.


The Berkeley riots: Moldbug versus Aaronson

On abstract topics high IQ leftism creates convincing smokescreens. See the success of the enlightenment thinkers, who were really a bunch of charismatic French con-artists. More currently, see global warming.

However, on down-to-earth topics even high IQ leftism struggles, because it is hard to lie about what our own eyes observe. See the conversation between Moldbug and Aaronson on the Berkeley university riots.


Aaronson: “For those marinated in alternative facts from right-wing news sites, maybe it’s worth stressing: there was a peaceful protest by Berkeley students, also those students’ right. Then violent protesters, apparently not Berkeley students, came from elsewhere and shut the talk down. I think the violent protest was both deplorable and stupid, but we should be clear that this wasn’t Berkeley’s fault.

Moldbug: “If just as a case study in epistemology: where exactly does this neat disjunction between “peaceful student protesters” and “non-peaceful non-student rioters” come from? What is the source of this decidedly nontrivial information?

I cannot even imagine how you or anyone could know that there are/were no Berkeley students in the Black Bloc. In fact, I’ll spare you a link to the dox, but the man who punched a Milo guest and left him flat appears to have been a Berkeley *employee*.

Did you miss the part where *the police did nothing to protect the victims*, and *no one was arrested*, and *the mayor praised the rioters*? And so did, let’s not forget, three-quarters of the *noble, independent-minded and civic-spirited American press*? I have never seen the Washington Post use the word “intense” so many times in one article.

If you reverse the polarity, you see how ridiculous it is. Imagine Amy Schumer has booked a speech at Berkeley, but the Aryan Brotherhood led by Mike Cernovich and Matt Forney is trying to shut her down, by doing their best to burn down the student life center with Roman candles, not to mention beating the guests with clubs and dousing them with bear spray. 

But David Duke is Governor of California and Richard Spencer is the chancellor of Berkeley. Joke’s on you, libs! Later, the skinhead mob goes cruising down Shattuck, looking for Jewish-owned banks… In what world, even remotely like ours, could this happen?”

(emphasis added)


The owning of Scott Aaronson

Recently a beautiful exchange took place over at Scott Aaronson’s blog. The conversation between Scott, Moldbug, Jim and others has the length of a small book, so allow me to summarise below.

I am no reader of Scott’s blog and I do not know him too well. A glance at his wiki/infogalactic gives us some information. Scott is a theoretical computer scientist and judging from his blog post quality, a highly intelligent one. Lets say he has at least 20 IQ points on me, probably more.

So Scott is smart. Yet Scott got blown out of the water by Jim and Moldbug. What happened?

Aaronson wrote a post on Trump’s travel ban. Aaronson rightly considers himself part of the vanguard of enlightenment-based scientists, which means that he instinctively and quite predictably compares Trump’s America to Hitler’s Germany. Eloquently he defends his Iranian phd student and throws himself in the path of the bullet: if Trump is deporting anyone, let it be me! Who with a heart could oppose such bravery?

Well, Moldbug of course, who comments: “all Trump is doing is reiterating that we don’t live in the world of John Lennon’s _Imagine_.”  Turns out we don’t live in a fairy tale world, there are bad guys in the world and a willingness to defend your nation state from them is quite sensible. Moldbug goes on to say that there seems to be a mismatch between Aaronson’s scientific view and worldview: “you seem to feel your John Lennon worldview is a sort of natural corollary of the scientific work you do. I’m pretty sure it isn’t. [..] It has nothing to do with science.” 

In other words, Aaronson thinks his scientific mind informs his political mind, while in actuality his political mind informs his scientific mind. The cathedral of course encourages this mindset until it decides that Aaronson’s science is insufficiently progressive. Moldbug keeps his banter friendly in this regard, but Jim pulls no punches:  “You [Scott Aaronson] are in a bubble, and outside the bubble there is a whole raft of indicators, for example the collapse of the family, that the ratchet of human progress is having bad consequences that will shortly lead to far worse consequences.” Jim like Moldbug points out that politics trumps science and that Scott’s political affiliation with leftists is a deal with the devil. It is not Trump Scott should fear, it is liberals he should fear. Jim continues: “we are afraid of liberals because we reasonably believe they are going to kill us all, starting with each other – just as the Khmer Rouge mostly killed Khmer Rouge, “all” includes you.  […] There is ample and overwhelming evidence for our belief, in the physical attacks that are happening daily. It is Trump supporters that are in the position of Jews in early Nazi Germany, not Trump opponents. If we plan to give progressives helicopter rides to the pacific ocean, it is because we see an urgent need to defend ourselves.”

Naturally this is too much for Aaronson, who proceeds to ban Jim for helicopter ride talk and berates Moldbug and Jim for being cynical snobs. “These are people”, Aaronson says,  “who so thoroughly reject the idea of human betterment that they’re eager to make their own lives miserable, just as long as the lives of the know-it-all intellectual snobs become miserable even faster.”

But the point has been made and the damage has been done, praise be upon the internet! Contentwise, Scott Aaronson has been equally if not more pwned than the once great Richard Dawkins. Turns out CRIMESTOP often overrides sensible thinking, as Scott’s CRIMESTOP filter stopped him from sensibly thinking through the issues.

Moldbug ends the discussion friendly as always: come over to the dark side, Scott Aaronson, we have cookies and a library! Personally I think Scott is too wrapped up in his own complex lies to ever taste the delicious dark side chocolate cookies. High IQ is of little help if you refuse to see what is in front of your eyes.

Pizzagate for the hopeful Trumpists

Pizzagate lives on the dark side of the internet.

Child trafficking rings and pedophilia are more common than people think. See for instance Milo’s false assumption that people know gays have sex with teenagers.

Pizzagate is quite possibly the most important child trafficking ring in the world because of its connections with the Clintons. If Pizzagate is true and convincingly proven, it might give president Trump, vivat rex, enough momentum for a true election.

But what is true about Pizzagate? Internet leads have dried up and there seem to be no official investigations. So Pizzagate seems dead on the light side of the internet. Perhaps president Trump’s joke about Hillary taking a village was just about money after all.

Then again, James Alefantis. James Alefantis is a creep. The internet has seen your instagram pics James and there is no hiding the fact you’re a child-loving gay creep.

Besides being a gay creep, James Alefantis made a mainstream list of the top 50 most influential people in Washington DC. Why?? Alefantis is just a restaurant and small art gallery owner. He has no visible power. His associations with the Clintons, the Podestas and even George Soros do not make sense and neither does the unblinking resolve of the mainstream media rushing to defend these sick pictures. Hence, pizzagate.

So, yeah. Pizzagate for the rational. Pizzagate for the believers. And consider this post Pizzagate for the hopeful Trumpists.